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Archaeology Grade 1 Items

Rubat CrystalRubat Crystal - Power Crystal

Blue Amorphous CrystalBlue Amorphous Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Amorphous CrystalGreen Amorphous Crystal - Color Crystal

Red Amorphous CrystalRed Amorphous Crystal - Color Crystal

Lost Artifact FragmentLost Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 2 Items

Eralam CrystalEralam Crystal - Power Crystal

Nextor CrystalNextor Crystal - Power Crystal

Blue Igeous CrystalBlue Igeous Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Igeous CrystalGreen Igeous Crystal - Color Crystal

Red Igeous CrystalRed Igeous Crystal - Color Crystal

Sacred Artifact FragmentSacred Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 3 Items

Bondar CrystalBondar Crystal - Power Crystal

Opila CrystalOpila Crystal - Power Crystal

Red Opaque CrystalRed Opaque Crystal - Color Crystal

Blue Opaque CrystalBlue Opaque Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Opaque CrystalGreen Opaque Crystal - Color Crystal

Prehistoric Artifact FragmentPrehistoric Artifact Fragment

Ancient Artifact FragmentAncient Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 4 Items

Firkrann CrystalFirkrann Crystal - Power Crystal

Red Solid CrystalRed Solid Crystal - Color Crystal

Blue Solid CrystalBlue Solid Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Solid CrystalGreen Solid Crystal - Color Crystal

Galactic Artifact FragmentGalactic Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 5 Items

Phond CrystalPhond Crystal - Power Crystal

Damind CrystalDamind Crystal - Power Crystal

Green Lucent CrystalGreen Lucent Crystal - Color Crystal

Blue Lucent CrystalBlue Lucent Crystal - Color Crystal

Red Lucent CrystalRed Lucent Crystal - Color Crystal

Hypertech Artifact Fragment Hypertech Artifact Fragment

Alien Artifact FragmentAlien Artifact Fragment

Archaeology Grade 6 Items

Upari CrystalUpari Crystal - Power Crystal

Blue Polychromic CrystalBlue Polychromic Crystal - Color Crystal

Red Polychromic CrystalRed Polychromic Crystal - Color Crystal

Green Polychromic CrystalGreen Polychromic Crystal - Color Crystal

Primeval Artifact FragmentPrimeval Artifact Fragment





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