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Voss Datacron Locations

Willpower DatacronWillpower +4 Datacron

To get to this Datacron you will first need to fly from Voss-ka to either Ken-La Outpost (Republic) or Fort Kodentha (Empire). Both of these places are in The Old Paths area of Voss-ka, which is good because we're about to be looking for an old path! In southeastern Old Paths you'll find an obvious large path that travels up the side of the mountain (Screenshots 1 & 2). Follow the path up the mountain until you come to where I am in (Screenshot 3). I am looking at the rocks you need to climb which lead up to the cave, which you will obviously need to follow through (Screenshot 4).

This cave will lead you under Voss-ka and around to the Datacron. Once you find the cave you'll be led straight to the Datacron.

Endurance DatacronEndurance +4 Datacron

This Datacron is located in The Old Paths area as well but at the Shrine of Healing this time. In order to get this Datacron you need to complete the trial quest line, which is pretty much the main quest line of all of Voss. The Datacron is located in the largest room at the Shrine of Healing (Screenshots 1 & 2). In order to retrieve this Datacron you will first need to Meditate at the green crystal in the northeast corner of the room (Screenshots 3 & 4). If you've completed the appropriate quests you will be able to meditate here and then you can meditate at the Datacron to claim your reward.

Strength DatacronStrength +4 Datacron

This Datacron is located in southern Voss in The Gormak Lands. If you take the southern most flightpath you'll probably end up here but it's best to check your map first before flying. Once you arrive at The Gormak Lands you will want to go all the way down to the southeast corner of the map at (Screenshots 1 & 2). Once you're here you will want to travel through the small gap in the wall into the circular area down here. Behind the really large rock directly in front of you when you enter is the Datacron.

Cunning DatacronCunning +4 Datacron

This Datacron as well as Presence +4 are both located in The Nightmare Lands, so you will want to get both of these back to back. You will find this Datacron in The Boneyard heroic area to the west in The Nightmare Lands. Once in the Boneyard your first stop will be the northern destroyed walker which has a Fallen Trooper next to it whom you need to collect a Shield Decoder off of (Screenshots 1 & 2). Once you have the shield decoder you will want to head just northeast of where you found the body to the red force field area in the ground.

Here you will find a computer terminal that you must use to deactivate the force field, obviously this terminal requires the Shield Decoder you just found (Screenshots 3 & 4). Using the terminal deactivates the Red Force Field, which once deactivated you will want to ride the elevator down to the room below where you will find the Datacron.

Presence DatacronPresence +4 Datacron

This Datacron as well as Cunning +4 are both located in The Nightmare Lands, so you will want to get both of these back to back. The location of this Datacron is far northeast in The Nightmare Lands, you will need to access to Spirit World in order to retrieve this Datacron which can only be accessed through the Meditation Tablet (Screenshots 1 & 2). The Datacron is in the middle of the room which you're taken too after using the tablet. To get back out to the real world use the tablet again near where you came in.













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