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Rift Leveling Guide

There are many different ways for players to level up in Rift. The main way and most common is to do all of the quests throughout the game. You can do this solo and it is a steady leveling pace throughout the entire game. It also is the slowest way to level in my opinion. Than you have Dungeons. Dungeons are quite good for leveling up and provide you with good experience, loot and are much more fun than the boring grind.

The average amount of time you spend in a dungeon queue will be about 25 - 30 minutes for Damage, 2 - 30 minutes for Support, 2 - 10 minutes as a Healer and the queue will pop instantly as a Tank. Aside from Dungeons players are also able to run Warfronts for experience. Warfronts are PvP matches and reward the player with Fervor which is used to purchase PvP items as well as experience for leveling up.

While Warfronts provide a fun option for players who are leveling up and enjoy PvP it isn't the best experience in the game since it is random on how much you get. Your team could totally stomp the other team and you could get a ton of experience or the other team could stomp you and you could get virtually nothing. I only recommend Warfronts if you need a change of scenery or if you really are a hardcore PvP player.

The final way to level up and by far the fastest way to level up is by participating in Instant Adventures. Instant Adventures are large scale group content where you and a raid of other players travel around a zone and do quest chains. Adventures reward players with a ton of Rift loot and is without a doubt the most experience per hour in the game. I don't recommend you quest in Rift and follow the regular leveling paths throughout the game. Instead I recommend you run Instant Aventures as much as you possibly can.

Below is a screenshot of the Instant Adventures window. As you can see it is pretty basic and it will give you a list of all the zones with these events currently available. The only zone currently available for me is Freemarch. To join the Random Adventure taking place in Freemarch click the "Join" button next to Random Adventure.

Instant Adventures

Instant Adventure Window

Once you are in the Random Adventure you will want to figure out what task your group is on and locate them as soon as possible. To figure out what task your group is on look at the quest tracker on your screen at the very top. The event part of the quest tracker (it's usually timed) is the instant adventure. Hit "M" and look for anything green on your map. Also look for all the dots, that's your group. Find them and follow them, you'll catch on pretty quick with what's going on.

Below is a picture of the Instant Adventure task that you'll be looking for on your quest tracker.

Instant Adventure Tasks

Instant Adventures give more experience than anything even remotly close at any level. They are also super easy since your character gets mentored down (lowered in level) with all of your skills that you had at whatever level you were before starting the instant adventure. On average you will a level and a half every hour you do instant adventures. Even more if you use those Experience potions you get as a Veteran Reward.

Really all you need to know is Instant Adventures are the best possible experience you could ever hope for in the game. They're stupidly easy and are actually loads of fun. Do them and you'll level faster than you can even imagine. It may seem like it's a silly guide here but just let the adventures take you along their path and trust me with trying them out. You will not regret it!





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