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Rift Crafting Guides

Crafting in Rift is much like crafting in any other MMORPG out there. As long as you have the materials required to complete your combine and are at the Loom, Workbench or Forge (if they're required for your profession) than you will be able to complete the combine without a problem. In Rift there are 3 different gathering professions and 6 different crafting professions. You're able to have a total of three different professions regardless of what they are.

That means you could pick up all three gathering professions for maximum money or pick three crafting professions if you're into that. Almost all of the crafting professions require materials gathered through the gathering professions in order to complete combines. The exception is Runecrafting. I'll get more into Runecrafting and runebreaking later. In the mean time, below is a list of all the crafting professions and what gathering professions they depend on to be fed materials.

Please keep in mind Outfitting and some miscellaneous combines of other professions will require cloth. Cloth can be found throughout the world primarily from Humanoid type monsters.

Apothecary requires materials from Foraging and Butchering

Armorsmithing requires materials from Mining and Butchering

Artificing requires materials from Foraging and Mining

Outfitting requires materials from Butchering and Cloth Drops

Runecrafting's materials are gathered through Runebreaking

Weaponsmithing requires materials from Mining and Foraging

Those are all of the crafting professions and their gathering professions requirements. Of course you yourself don't have to have the gathering professions required for your crafting profession. You can always buy the materials to raise the skill or craft whatever item it is you're after. However, as you could imagine this gets costly rather quick. It can still be costly to level the profession even if you're not buying all of the materials on the Auction House.

To try and save you some money and time I have put together a list of all the professions of Rift both crafting and gathering with guides of the fastest and most effective way to raise both of them. Below you can find a list of each of the professions of Rift (Crafting + Gathering). Simply click on whichever profession you want a guide on to be taken to the proper page.

Rift Gathering Profession Guides

Mining Guide

Foraging Guide

Butchering Guide

Rift Crafting Profession Guides

Apothecary Guide

Armorsmithing Guide

Artificing Guide

Outfitting Guide

Runecrafting Guide

Weaponsmithing Guide

That covers all of my Rift Profession Guides. Choose wisely when picking a profession in Rift, most crafting professions cost a lot of money to raise and take a lot of time to raise. It's difficult to see any profit at all early on but overtime a lot of the crafting professions do start becoming worthwhile. Before I wrap up this entire guide I am sure you have noticed at least one of the other professions out there that don't hog up one of your three profession slots. These two professions are Survival and Fishing.

Each of these professions are raised through everyday materials that you find out in the world like meat from animals, fish and anything else that doesn't require a gathering profession to collect. Fishing is free to level up since all you have to do is fish however to level survival you will be making a lot of different cuisines amongst other things. Below are guides for both of these professions, click on whichever one you would like to get information for.

Survival Guide

Fishing Guide

And now we are all done with Rift Profession Guides. At least that is until Trion adds new professions...





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