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Rift Farming Guides

Farming in Rift is just as boring and profitable as it is in any other game. Depending on what gathering skills you have available to you as well as the type of items you are looking for will determine where is best for you to farm. Players without any gathering skills like Butchering, Mining or Foraging will want to stick to farming Cloth, Artifacts or other items that anyone in the game can pick up. While the gathering professions will want to farm the most profitable items that they can.

If you are familiar with farming guides on any other part of my site you will know that I break the guide down into a few different sections. The most prominent will be sections specifically made for the three gathering professions, all of which were aforementioned. The final section will be made specifically for players without any gathering professions. We'll call this section the "Cloth" section since that is primarily what guides I will be putting there.

Level 30 - Amazing Money Farming Location

Butchering Farming Guides

Freemarch Butchering Farming Guide

Stonefield Butchering Farming Guide

Foraging Farming Guides

Mining Farming Guides

Cloth Farming Guides









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