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HoT Everquest Guides

           This is the index page for all of my House of Thule guides. To make things easier for Progression Server players I have broken apart most of my EQ guides into different sections. They're mostly sorted by expansions that raised the level cap or ones that made a major impact on the game.

           At the top of these sections will be the most useful viewed guides I have written. Following that, further down the page, are the other relevant guides to this era of the game. Any quests that are popular during that era or other 'side activites' that I've written guides for can be found further down this page below the Tradeskill guides.

HoT Leveling Guides

HoT Farming Guides

           If you are new to the TLPs as well I strongly recommend you check out this page here to figure out what has changed in the world of Norrath and tips you need to know to make your life easier. That guide will show you things like how to get free Daybreak Cash each month, introduce you to Parcels and talk to you about your Origin AA.

**This page is a place holder for when I get to this expansion and begin to cover it with guides. Right now I am trying to keep up with Ragefire/Lockjaw servers - If you'd like to see me work on these guides more, please consider donating!***


HoT Alchemy Guide

HoT Baking Guide

HoT Brewing Guide

HoT Fletching Guide

HoT Jewelcrafting Guide

HoT Pottery Guide

HoT Smithing Guide

HoT Spell Research Guide

HoT Tailoring Guide

HoT Tinkering Guide

HoT Poison Making Guide










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