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Paludal Caverns Leveling Guide

           To get to Paludal you'll have to take the Shar Vahl stone from PoK, which will put you in Shadeweaver's Thicket. The Shar Vahl stone can be found in the "Neutral" side of PoK, just look at your map to find it.

           Once you arrive in Shadeweaver's Thicket you will need to head north along the path until you come to a tunnel on your left, enter this and follow the blue line I have drawn on the map to get to Paludal.

           Once you're inside Paludal you'll have to head north to the Phlarg camp. Below is a picture showing you where to go once you're inside. Follow my blue line and you'll arrive there easily.

           In this area you'll be killing Phlarg Fiends until you are level 17. Once you reach level 17 head further northwest in Paludal to the zone by Shadow Haven.

I recommend clearing your way all the way to the Recondite Bandits. This will make sure you're around level 18 when you finally get there.

Items of Interest

Fungal Fiend Membrane Gear

Spongy Fungal Fiend Flesh

White Fungal Fiend Spores

Copper Amulet

Fungal Fiend Dewclaw

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Rough Stone Axe
- Destroy this if you're low on room.

Rough Stone Club
- Destroy this if you're low on room.

Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

Binding PowderBinding Powder

Uncut DemantoidUncut Gems

           If you are low on pack space by the time you reach the Recondite's I advise you destroy a lot of the stuff you got from the Phlarg's to make room. The Fungal Fiend gear isn't worth nearly as much as the gear you'll be getting from the Recondite's.

Items of Interest:

Words of

Rune of

Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

Binding PowderBinding Powder

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Uncut DemantoidUncut Gems

Cultural SilkCultural Silk

Cultural OreCultural Ore

Cultural PeltsCultural Pelts

Cultural LoamCultural Loam

Bronze Brigandine Gear

Recondite Insignia Ring

Recondite Bandit Bracer

Recondite Bandit Dirk

           Once you reach level 23 You're ready to leave Paludal and head over to Marus Seru. To get to Marus Seru from Paludal head south from the camp of Recondite's to Shadow Haven. Below is a map of Shadow Haven, follow my blue line to get through the town and to The Nexus.

Once you're in The Nexus you'll want to head north to get to the Netherbein Lair.

           Once you're inside the Netherbein Lair you'll want to head south until you get to about the center of the zone. You'll notice the center of the zone because there is a large pillar right at the cross roads. Once you reach the cross roads head west to Marus Seru.

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