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Dulak's Harbor Leveling Guide 50 - 60

An oceancrasher DeckhandA Broken Skull Blackhand

           Dulak's Harbor is a pretty big zone with literally hundreds of mobs all over the place. The zone is sectioned off into three different parts (not literally but you will find three different level ranges throughout the zone). I have the three different level ranges marked on my map, the easiest mobs are down at the bottom in the long line of buildings and on the southern two boats. On the eastern boats you will have the "mid range" of mobs and on the far northern boats you will have the most difficult mobs in the zone.

           When you arrive you will want to start killing in the courtyard area around the giant building in the smack-dab center of the zone. You will find a lot of pirates here all of them standing alone and ready to be pulled as singles. It's important that you start with these mobs until you get your bearings and see how difficult the zone is for you. If you're getting owned go a bit south to the "easiest area". Be careful when going by buildings though, if you get too close pirates will run out at you and attack!

The only real tip I can offer you for Dulak's Harbor is use Snare!

           You will be killing around the "armory" building in the center of the zone until about level 48 to 49. Once you're one of these levels and more importantly comfortable to move up you will want to start heading north to the moderate difficulty area and than further north to the more difficult area, the Windscorn boat.

Map of Dulak's Harbor

Map of Dulaks Harbor

Dulak's Harbor Loot Table

Crystallized SulfurCrystallized Sulfur

Dark Elf PartsDark Elf Parts

Elven BloodElven Blood

Emerald RingEmerald Ring

Flame of VoxFlame of Vox

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Pearl NecklacePearl Necklace

DiamondValuable Gems

Human PartsHuman Parts

Mantle of StealthMantle of Stealth

Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

Binding PowderBinding Powder

Mithril AmuletMithril Amulet

Uncut DemantoidUncut Gems

Grimy Spell ScrollSpell Research Materials

Rogue Poison Materials

AugAug Drops

Cultural SilkCultural Silk

Cultural MarrowCultural Marrow

Cultural OreCultural Ore

Cultural PeltsCultural Pelts

Cultural Spinneret FluidCultural Spinneret Fluid

Cultural LoamCultural Loam

Only destroy these if you're low on room:

Zraxthril's Forged Axe

Zraxthril's Forged Cutlass

Zraxthril's Forged Flamberge

Zraxthril's Forged Mace

           After you reach level 53 it will be time to leave Dulak's Harbor and head to The Hole. Before you go to The Hole you will want to make sure you have a spell that can Shrink you, an item or a potion. If you don't have anything to shrink you, you won't be able to make it inside. If you need to buy a potion from The Bazaar, the name of the potion is "Philter of the Ant". (Buy at least three if you're a extra big race).

           Also if you have some extra cash I'd recommend buying damage shield potions also. To get to The Hole take the Paineel Stone from PoK. This will take you to Toxxulia Forest, once you're here head southeast to Paineel.

           Once you're in Paineel head southeast to The Hole. The Hole's entrance is underwater, in order to get in you need to use your Shrink potion, item or spell. Above the rock on the right you will be able to slip in.

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