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Old Sebilis Leveling Guide

           Old Sebilis is the home of Frogloks. There are two parts of Old Sebilis, one with Frogloks and the other with Mushroom Men. We will be sticking to the Froglok section. Instead of giving you a direction in this zone, I'll just tell you run around and kill any of the Froglok's that you see. Be careful when running around corners and try not to pull the Froglok's far because you'll end up getting yourself killed.

Obviously something to keep in mind is the further you go in, the harder the mobs will get. Stay alterative, If you pull too many you're screwed.

           Now almost all items in this zone are worth money. So the section for "Item's That Aren't Worth A Damn" is for the items you should destroy first, to make room for more valuable items.

You'll find the following Nammeds wondering around;

Froglok Bok Mystic
Froglok Krup Protector
Froglok Commander

Items of Interest

Fire Opal

Black Sapphire

Words Of

Rune Of


Uncut DemantoidUncut Gems

Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

Binding PowderBinding Powder

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Nodding Blue Lily



Star Ruby

Cultural Silk

Cultural Marrow

Cultural Ore

Cultural Pelts

Cultural Spinneret Fluid

Cultural Loam

Once you reach level 60 It's time for you to head on over to The Crypt of Nadox. You can get to Crypt of Nadox by taking the PoK Gulf of Gunthak Stone (It's on the evil side of PoK). From there follow the map to Crypt of Nadox.

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Additional Places to Level for This Level Range:

Veksar 50 - 70

The Hole 50 - 72

Dulak's Harbor 50 - 60

Howling Stones 50 - 60

Plane of Hate 50 - 65

Grieg's End 50 - 65





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