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Cresent Reach Leveling Guide

           From Cresent Reach (The City Itself) head northeast to the bears. Look at my map below for better directions.

           You'll find plenty of bears in this cave to take you to level 15. The reason I say to kill these bears for cash is High Quality and Medium Quality Hides. They drop Hides fairly frequently, about 1 in 5. As with everything else in this game, the further you go into the cave, the harder the bears get.

Items of Interest:

Cultural Pelts
- Almost none of the Cultural Pelts you find here will be worth anything in The Bazaar. For this reason I recommend destroying any you find if you're low on space.

Worn Scattercloud Gear

Reinforced Incendiary Gear

Woven Crescent Gear

Composite Field Gear

Wanderlust Scout Pack
- Will fill up one of your main inventory slots and provide you with more storage!

Tattered Silk Gear

High Quality Bear Pelt
- Will sell in the Bazaar for quite a bit of money. Hold onto this!

Uncut DemantoidUncut Gems

Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

Binding PowderBinding Powder

AugAug Drops

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

           After you hit level 15 it is time to head to Castle Mistmoore. First you have to get to Plane of Knowledge from here. Head out of the cave and south to Blightfire Moors. Look at my map below for further direction;

           Once you're in Blightfire Moors you have to head to the far eastern portion of the zone, where you will find the PoK book which will take you to PoK. For a easy way to reach this book follow my map below;

           Now from PoK head to the Felwithe stone, which is on the northern side of PoK. Click on this stone to be taken to Greater Faydark. From the PoK book in Greater Faydark head southwest to Lesser Faydark.

Once you're in Lesser Faydark head all the way southwest to Castle Mistmoore. If you have invis, use it. Otherwise avoid contact with nearly everything and you should be fine.

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