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The Mines of Glooming Deep Leveling Guide

           Guard Rahtiz will give you a task called "Clearing the Vermin Nests". For this task you have to kill 8 Cave Rats, 4 Cave Bats and destroy 4 Vermin Nests. To view your progress with this task at any time hold down "Alt" and hit "Q" to bring up the task window. You can find the Rats, Bats and Nests down the hall that Rahtiz is looking down.

Items of Interest:
Bat Wing
Rat Ears
Bone Chips
Piece of Rat Fur
Crude Defiant
Rat Paw

Items That Aren't Worth A Damn:

           After you've completed your task return to Guard Rahtiz and hail him. To hail him press "H". Accept the two other tasks that he has and hail Guard Vyrinn next to him. Accept her 3 quests, then head over to Vahlara near Arias. Hail her to complete your task.

           After you've turned in your task to Vahlara head almost directly east to Wijdan. You can sell all of your loot at Wijdan. To sell your loot, read the pop up when you hail him;

           After you've finished selling your loot head back down that hall that you originally killed the Rats, Bats and Nests. In the large room you killed the Rats, Bats and Nests in you'll Barrels. Destroy one, similar to how you destroyed the nests and loot a "CLASS 1 Wood Point Arrow". After you've gotten your arrow continue south through the hall with the webs blocking the entryway.

           In this room you'll have to kill 12 Gloom Spiders and 4 Gloom Lurkers, Spider Tamer Gugan and collect 4 Glooming Deep Cocoon Silk. In order to get the Cocoon Silk you need to destroy the Spider Cocoon Clusters, Also don't forget to loot the Gloomingdeep Violet off of spider Tamer Gugan.The "a gloom spiderling" counts as a Gloom Spider. Once again at any time to see your progress through your task hold down "Alt" and press "Q".


Items of Interest:
Gloomingdeep Silk
Spiderling Eye
Spiderling Legs
Crude Defiant

Items That Aren't Worth A Damn:
Rough Silk
Coarse Silk

Note: If you find a Chunk of Bronze, it is used in a quest for Absor. Hand it to him and he will give you a Class-Specific weapon.

           If you're having trouble with the Lurker's finish killing the 12 regular spider so you're level 4. Then move up to the Lurkers. After you've killed all of the spiders that you need to kill return to Guard Rahtiz. Hand him one of the Arrows from the crate, (If you looted more then one you will have to un stack them. To un stack an item left click it and select only one, then put it in an empty inventory slot.) Hand Guard Rahtiz a single arrow to complete your quest.

           After you've handed him the arrow hail him to complete your other quest head over to Xenaida and give her the Glooming Deep Violet to complete your quest. Return to Vahlara and separate all 4 pieces of your Cocoon Silk, like you had to do with the arrows and give them to her. She will give you a tunic in return, equip it and head back down into the room that you killed the Rats, Bats and Nests.

Head up the Eastern hall and hail Guard Hobart, Accept his two tasks.

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