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The Mines of Glooming Deep

           When you first start out you'll be standing in front of Arais who is trapped with you in a jail cell. The very first thing you will want to do here is hail him. In the upper left hand corner of your screen you'll see directions, for this part, telling you what to do. Since you're already being walked through what to do, come back to my guide when you're done this part.

           When you finish the first part by giving Arias the key you will be ported to The Mines of Glooming Deep. Once you're in the Mines of Glooming Deep you will want to hail Arias to continue your quest. After you hail him you will need to head over to Absor. Look at my picture below if to see where he is in comparison to Arias.

           Give Absor your weapon, and he will give it back to you but this time it's better, stronger, faster and more advanced. To equip it hit "i" to open your inventory and click on the item slot or in the center of your inventory where it shows your characters symbol. After word head west to Vahlara, she is back towards Arias.

           Hail her to continue your quest and she'll give you a piece of armor. Hit "i" to open your inventory and equip it. After you've done that hail Vahlara again and type "/say what others" which will trigger a response.

           When ever you see something in Brackets like [others] this means that the character has dialogue that you can advance by talking to them. Usually this text will lead to a quest, mission or task of some sort. Afterward, you'll want to head northeast of Vahlara over to Rashere.

           Hail him and type "/say Bind My Soul" (without the " " of course). This will bind your body to the location so that whenever you die you will return to him. To learn more about death click here. After you're done talking to Rashere you'll want to head over to Prathun who is just to the right of him.

           Hail him to learn about Grouping and Communication. After you've learned everything you need to know from Prathun you will want to head southeast to Xenaida.

           Hail Xenaida to continue your quest and then hit "M" to bring up your map. Once your map is up you will want to head southwest over to the Mushrooms. They are little blue, well, mushrooms on the ground. Left click one to pick it up then left click an empty inventory slot to place it in your inventory. Return to Xenaida and give her the mushroom, similar to how you gave Absor your weapon.

NOTE: You can also place the item in the center of your inventory, where it shows your character symbol. This will automatically place t it in your inventory in the first available slot.

To learn more about maps click here.

           After you've finished with Xenaida you will want to head almost directly south to Rytan. Once you make your way over to Rytan you will want to hail him to bring up a dialogue window. Once the dialogue window is up you will need to type "/say Bless". Rytan will cast a short term buff on you that will increase your armor class and health.

           While you're over near Rytan, northeast of him is the banker, Lyndroh. After you've gotten your blessing you will want to run over to the banker and right click him to open your bank. When your bank is open you should see a bag in one of the slots. Take the bag out and place it in your inventory before closing the bank. With all of your training now done you will want to head over to Arias and hail him. Arias will congratulate you and give you a Kobold Skull Charm. You'll want to equip this charm before heading over to Guard Rahtiz at the southern end of camp. You will want to hail Guard Rahtiz to accept your first mission.

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