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Everquest C2 PoFire Leveling Guide

           C2 is the most well known camp in PoFire and is usually always perma camped. All of the mobs at C2 will stay Light Blue until 84 at which point they go green. Even though they go green at 84 they still give awesome XP, even at 85. There are close to 100 mobs in C2 meaning it will be almost impossible for you to clear the whole camp before it starts to respawn. Unless of course you're a Ranger Headshotting here. The hardest part about this camp is getting here. In order to get to C2 you will first have to run through C1.

           As said in the C1 guide you have two ways of getting into it. Levitate or run through the Jopal Tunnels. If you don't have Levitate than your only option is of course the Jopal Tunnels. If you do have Levitate I highly recommend using it to get into C1. Not only is it 400x easier it is also 400x safer. Once you're in C1, getting to C2 is a whole different story. The only way to get over to C2 is by going through the camp and out by the two large birds. This is the first and most dangerous part of getting over to C2. Below is a map to better describe and help you understand the path that you will have to take.

How to get to the C2 Camp in PoFire:

Plane of Fire C2

           When you first come out C1 you'll have to watch out for the two giant bird raid mobs. They have a GIANT agro range and are super F@#%^ annoying. They won't kill you instantly, instead they will charm you and force your character to stand around for up to 45 minutes. So if you agro a bird the only way to break the charm is to spam Alt + F4 or Ctrl + Alt + Delete to get out of the game. Then when you log back in the birds will kill you before you are able to fully get back in. Luckily death is better then wasting 45 minutes of your life.

           Once you do make it around the birds you'll want to stick to the wall like flies on poop, white on rice or whatever other analogy you can think of. The only thing that will see through invis on your way to C2 is horses and the raid bosses. If you agro a horse, it wont be much of a problem. If you agro a raid boss on the other hand, then it's a big problem. You won't make it to C2 alive unless you got a merc out and a damn good number of AAs.

           Once you're in C2 the fun can start. You will want to work your way into the camp and depending on how many AAs you have, be careful. The mobs here hit for close to 400 and usually come in groups of three or four depending on how good you are at pulling. Also, since everything in this camp sees through invis you can forget about safe travel.

           None of the mobs in C2 will be hard for you to kill, however, one type is extremely annoying. The Doomfire Chaplain mobs will cast when you agro them and continually heal themselves when they get low on health. This can be quite annoying and I have faught a Chaplain for up to two minutes before. Just save any Nukes, stuns or bashes you have for when they get low on health.

           In C2 there are two raid bosses that spawn. One is in the very back by the Fire Tables and one is up top in the castle. The one that spawns back by the Fire Tables is a Fennin Ro trigger mob. This means when killed the event leading up to Fennin Ro will start. Usually for this reason the trigger mob is killed within a few hours of spawning. The second raid boss, however is a whole different story. I've seen him left alive for close to three days before and he can be quite annoying. Your best bet is to ask someone that is bored and passing through to kill him, or even a friend if you can't yourself.

           Luckily the mob only blocks off 9 or so mobs up top in the castle. Chances are you wouldn't even be able to clear the whole camp anyway. To help give you an idea of what to expect in PoFire I made a video of the whole camp. Granted the video is sped up and I am a Ranger using Headshot which doesn't tell you much about your class... However, the video will help give you an idea of C2 and at least a visual of what to expect here.

PoFire C2 Headshot Video:

           Now that you know almost everything there is to know about C2 it is time for me to tell you about the loot here. This is one of the best places for you to farm in the game. The drop rate on Diamonds here and Tradeskill Materials is through the roof. Sadly the mobs don't drop any "raw cash" themselves but with all the Diamonds you will be getting here there will be nothing to complain about. Below is a list of all the items you should expect to find in C2.

If you're a Ranger and you have your Headshot line of AAs you should my PoFire Headshot Guide instead.

           If you are struggling with this location or any other location around your level I have a few things that you could do to hopefully fix that. First and foremost you will want to upgrade your gear if you're still using Defiant Gear. There are a ton of Attunable items that you can find in The Bazaar, I recommend you buy the ones that are upgrades and equip them. If you want some help finding these items I highly recommend you use my Bazaar Gear Buying Guide (65+). The second and probably most important thing you can do is get all of the important AAs for your Class. To figure out what AAs are the most important AAs to get I recommend you read over my Everquest AA Placement Guide.

With better gear and all of the important AAs you will notice a gigantic difference in your character and what they are capable of.

Plane of Fire C2 Loot Drops


Doomfire CapeDoomfire Cape

Doomfire SashDoomfire Sash

Binding PowderPhosphorus Powder

Crystallized SulfurCrystallized Sulfur

Uncut DemantoidUncut Gems

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Sunshard OreSunshard Ore

Binding PowderBinding Powder

Grimy Spell ScrollSpell Research Materials

Rogue Poison MaterialsRogue Poison Materials

Cultural SilkCultural Silk

Cultural MarrowCultural Marrow

Cultural OreCultural Ore

Cultural PeltsCultural Pelts

Cultural Spinneret FluidCultural Spinneret Fluid

Cultural LoamCultural Loam





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