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EQ 1 - 105 Walkthrough

           These are the easiest levels to do, you'll breeze right on through them as long as you are Gold and pick a tank merc. That being said, make sure you are gold and pick a tank merc.

           Remember as I said these levels are all meaningless. I know how that must sound to TLPers... 'MEANINGLESS? IT TOOK ME WEEKS TO DO THIS ON PHINIGEL!!!!!!!!' - you must remember at all times this isn't a TLP, this isn't classic and this is a totally different experience but within the same game. I'm going to keep repeating this so you don't forget it as to many people try to play live expecting it to be exactly the same when it isn't. The game spikes in difficulty in later expansions giving you a dozen spells at once instead of 8 and usually over 60 different AA abilities per class.

           The game goes from being boringly simplistic to far more complex, intricate and rewarding. Old school EQ did difficulty differently with no maps, corpse runs, slow XP, slow regen accompanied with extremely basic game play but live completely spins this around. You'll need at minimum 4 hot bars (strongly recommend using more) which is probably already 3x more than you are used to using on the TLPs. It is also highly recommended you start up one or two more accounts, even if you only krono it once for AAs and all he ever does is sit in the corner facing the wall, the extra merc helps TONS.

           Please. Please please please don't let stubbornness ruin live EQ for you. Live is hands down a better version of EQ than TLPs, there's a reason it has over double the population and is the oldest mmorpg with the highest population for its age. You don't need to always box and having a negative view on boxing like most TLPers isn't healthy. Boxing is why we have the TLPs to play on, boxing is why live EQ still exists and without live EQ there would be no TLPs. Even if you hate it consider it a means to an end. I always see people on live grouping. Partisan, mercenary, hunter achievements you name it there's always groups out there doing stuff. Boxing is your means to an end, the end being catching up to those whom are max to group with.

All that being said, what I recommend you do is follow my leveling paths here:

Crescent Reach 1 - 15

Blightfire Moors 15 - 30

Lower Guk 30 - 38

City of Mist 38 - 50

Plane of Hate 50 - 58

           If you took my advice and have another account with you you'll be able to advance to a new area 2 levels earlier than as seen here. Also on the secondary account grab a Healer mercenary (primarily for rezzes, they'll OOM themselves ungodly fast pre 50). If you don't mind running back when you die then get another tank merc. If you have 3 accounts and 3 mercenaries (best combination for enjoyment in the game outside of a full 6 box) then you will want to get two tank mercs and a healer merc.

           Keep in mind if you don't take my advice you're most likely going to quit before max level. EQ is a group oriented game and expecting to solo in it is unrealistic. Expecting there to always be a group when you're on and LFG is also unrealistic. I'm going to be completely honest with you, if you refuse to box and expect to play solo always LFG you're going to hate it. Not because the game sucks but because you are unwilling to adapt to different scenarios. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but it's better to hear the truth now rather than waste your time and discovering the truth later.

           Also for the purpose of this guide and with all of my guides, when I say solo it means with a Mercenary. Molo is a stupid fucking acronym and you're never going to see me using it. It makes absolutely no sense and annoys me each time I hear it said. Sorry for the confusion this may bring for you because of my stubborness but I advocate not spreading stupidity so I refuse to use molo as a term.

           Before getting started there are two things I recommend you do. 1st is type /claim and look for an item called "Gift of Legacies Lost" each account can claim 999 of these but only 1 per character. The package comes with 3 pieces of defiant, 1 weapon, 10 xp pots, 10 speed potions and a book that lets you teleport to Plane of Knowledge. I recommend you save the 3 boxes of defiant and the weapon until 25 - 30 that way you can get significantly better gear than what you'd get at 1. Since they won't become defiant until you right click em, patience is key!

           The second thing you should do is /join general and ask very politely if anyone has 1k they can spare for Mercenary costs. 1k on live is nothing, it would be like asking for 2pp on the TLPs. Chances are you'll find someone out there with a warm heart who will help you out with much more than just 1k but don't count on that. 1k will be a giant help for you for spells, gear and mercenary costs expecting more is greedy!

Now for leveling...

           I highly recommend 1 - 15 in Crescent Reach and then 15 - 30 in Blightfire Moors. As long as you are gold and have a tank merc this will be an absolute breeze for you. Ultimately what you'll be doing is agroing a mob and running away from it, letting your tank merc engage it and beat it down solo.

While this may not be very fun (it most certainly isn't) it's the fastest way to level up 1 - 60.

           After you reach level 30 I highly recommend you go to a zone with high plat drops, something like Lower Guk, Mistmoore (or City of Mist once you get 35). You'll need the plat for Defiant gear in the /baz and to keep up the mercenary costs. Also when the mobs in your area start conning Dark blue, light blue and green try and take some hits to raise your defense and dodge skills. You'll need to raise them sooner or later and unless you're a class with a swarm pet AA it will be exceedingly difficult to raise them the higher level you get.

           City of Mist has quite a few named drops that will vendor for a couple hundred plat as well as tons of raw plat from drops. You'll want to hang out here as long as possible before moving on to Plane of Hate. Before heading to PoHate though you'll want to get some really really important things out of the way first!

           For anyone out there who needs plat right now for spells, gear, merc costs or for any reason at all you may be interested in checking out my EQ Farming Guides. If you were unable to find someone to lend you plat for merc costs and are currently struggling it may be worthwhile to dedicate at least two of your future plat sessions to grinding mobs for plat drops/vendorables. Hill Giants in Rathe Mountains would be a great blast to the past or if you want something a bit different check out Castle Mistmoore! You of course can also hang out in City of Mist for longer too and farm there.

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