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Farming in Paludal Caverns

Recondite FootpadHalfling ReconditeRecondite

           Farming in Paludal Caverns can be tough sometimes since it is a very commonly used leveling zone but it is also great for making some extra cash at the lower levels. There are two camps you can go to with (as seen in the picture below). Both of these camps are pretty equal on how many mobs are here and both of them have the same exact mobs. Which means one camp isn't higher level than the other.

Paludal Caverns Map of Recondite Camps

Recondite Farming Location

           What camp you choose to farm at is totally up to you, I prefer base 1 though for the sole purpose of it being close to the Shadow Haven zoneline. This means if shit ever hits the fan you got a small run ahead of you before you're free.

Paludal Caverns Loot Table

Small Bronze Brigadine GearSmall Bronze Brigadine Gear

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Complex Embossed RuneComplex Embossed Rune

Words ofWords of (Destroy if low on space)

Rune ofRune of (Destroy if low on space)

Cultural SilkCultural Silk

Cultural MarrowCultural Marrow

Cultural OreCultural Ore

Cultural PeltsCultural Pelts

Cultural Spinneret FluidCultural Spinneret Fluid

Cultural LoamCultural Loam





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