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Everquest Farming Guides

           At some point in time almost everyone will have to farm in Everquest. In order to upgrade your gear through The Bazaar you're going to need plat and in order to get plat you're going to need to farm. It's as simple as that. However, the thing many people will be asking and wondering is; where is the best areas to farm for my level? That's exactly what this page is for! I am going to go over all of the different locations and methods for farming in EQ. My main hope is to cover each and every good farming location for each level range.

           Also since Free to Play does not allow the player to set up a Trader I have guides strictly for F2P players that are centered around getting plat from the mobs and vendoring what the mobs drop. Most of these guides are made for newer players or players that aren't completely decked out in the best raid gear with the most AAs in the game. Of course I have some high level farming guides, but I will be sure to make it known that they're max level farming guides so a noobie doesn't run to the location and get totally owned.

Here is a Quick-list of items you'll want to keep to sell in The Bazaar. (Even if you're a F2P player hold onto these as when you upgrade you'll be able to make a butt load of plat)!

List of Everquest Farming Guides

Level 100 Farming Guides

Levels 1-49
Levels 50-55
Levels 55-60
Levels 60-65
Levels 65-70
Levels 70-75
Levels 75-80
Levels 80-85

Making money past 85 is no longer really about hunting large quantities of mobs for lots of platinum drops. Instead what you will be doing is farming Monsters in higher level zones that drop Attuneable Gear. This gear can be sold in The Bazaar for a decent amount of money to people who are still leveling up. The easiest places to find Attuneable Gear are T1 zones of each expansion. Also with Rain of Fear they added in items you can find in RoF zones (and possibly in later expansion zones too) that are known as collectibles.

Collectibles can be picked up by anyone and sold in The Bazaar for good enough prices that make it worth it to specifically run around and collect them.

Levels 85-90

Levels 90-95

Free to Play Farming

Items that Sell in The Bazaar

Sunshard Ore

Sunshard Pebble

Spiderling Silk

Animal pelts (High Quality)

Below is another list of items you should save while you're out farming in one of my many locations:

Siks (Fine, Flawless, Excellent, Exquiste, Immaculate)

Animal Pelts (Fine, Flawless, Excellent, Exquiste, Immaculate) Also (Medium Quality, High Quality)

Ore (Sunshard, Cobalt, Tungsten, Vanadium, Tantalum, Titanium, Rhenium)

Spinneret Fluid (Fine, Flawless, Exquiste, Immaculate)

Marrow (Fine, Flawless, Excellent, Exquiste, Immaculate)

Nigriventer and Gormar Venom (especially the higher levels, make a rogue alt to make or have a rogue in guild make and then resell)

Cosgrove Powder, Chronal Resonance Dust, Aderirse Bur

Research Papers (if it has Parchment, Paper, Runic, or Vellum in the name.. loot it, save it, sell it in the bazaar)

A lot of things that say "This item can be used in tradeskills"

Buffing, Porting and Conjuring

           There is an additional way to make some decent money if you're a Cleric, Shaman, Enchanter, Mage, Druid, Wizard, or any class with a rare/wanted buff or port then you can always buff or port for money. Clerics and Enchanters are the easiest classes to do this with, since they have Temp and KEI. The Added addition to this category is Mages. They can conjure items for pets that are in popular demand by pet classes.

           Mages don't even have to be around to sell these items, you can place them on the bazaar after you create them. So if say a Football game is on you can keep bringing down the trader every time you sell all of the items you conjured and put them back up!

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