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Progression Server Smithing Guide (Classic)

           Smithing is possibly one of the most difficult Tradeskills to raise and probably the most frustrating. Most of the time Smithing requires you to do dozens of combines for a shot at even a single skill up or to make a single item. The upside to Smithing though is with a high enough skill you can make pretty much every utensil for every other Tradeskill. Smithing is the "center" of most of EQ's Tradeskills in my opinion. With Smithing you will be able to make stuff like Steel Boning, used in Tailoring, a Frying Pan, for Baking, A Filleting Knife, for Baking and much more! As with every other Tradeskill, visit your trainer to raise it the first 21 points.

Smithing 1 - 21

Visit the trainer and use your practice's to raise your skill to 21.

(Direct Route) Steel Boning 21 - 37

Save the Steel Boning to use in other Tradeskills. If you're not raising other Tradeskills then try to sell it to players that are.


Small Brick of Ore

Water Flask

(Direct Route) Large Lantern 37 - 68

Vendor all of these for some of your money back.


Lantern Casing Mold

Metal Bits

Water Flask

(Direct Route) Banded Armor 68 - 95

           For Banded Armor you will want to make whatever size mold your race has access too. For example the small races will be making Small Banded armor, the medium will be making Banded armor and the large races will be making Large Banded armor.

(Using Banded Boots as an example of materials)

Boot Mold

Sheet Metal

Water Flask

(Direct Route) Ornate Armor 95 - 122

Same rule that applies to Banded gear applies to the Ornate gear. Whatever mold your race has access to, use that one.

(Using Large Ornate Chain Boots as an example of materials)

High Quality Metal Rings x 2

Large Chainmail Boot Pattern

Silver Bar

Smithy Hammer

Water Flask

(Alternative) Fine Plate Visor 122 - 163

Start off with this piece of Fine plate if you don't want to fail as much and make the most out of vendoring the gear back for some money back.

Leather Padding

Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal

Plate Visor Mold

Smithy Hammer

Water Flask

(Direct Route) Fine Plate Gauntlets 122 - 175

Leather Padding

Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal x 2

Plate Gauntlet Mold

Smithy Hammer

Water Flask

(Alternative) Cultural Sewing Kit 122 - 162

           (Vale Sewing Kit Materials as an example) Make whatever you race's Cultural Sewing Kit is. An Important note, the combine to create the sewing kit MUST be in your race's cultural forge in your home town.

High Quality Metal Bits

Needle Mold

Thimble Mold

Water Flask

(Direct Route) Fine Steel Breastplate 162 - 188

(Using the Small Fine Steel Breastplate as an example of materials)

Leather Padding

Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal x 3

Small Breastplate Mold

Smithy Hammer

Water Flask

(Direct Route) Mistletoe Cutting Sickle 188 - 250

Note that this is pretty much the only route 188 - 250 to level your Smithing in Classic EQ... It is also probably the most costly route you can ever take, most likely having to spend more than 200k pp in order to raise your skill through these levels. Honestly, your best bet is to wait until Luclin where you can breeze through these levels by making the Shadowscream Armor. As such, this guide will be updated during Luclin to reflect the changes of those armors being added... But for now this is the only route you can take.

Blessed Sickle Blade

Blessed Sickle Hilt

Blessed Sickle Pommel

Smithy Hammer





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