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Ceramic Lining

           Ceramic Lining is used in making many different utensils for Baking and may be a bit confusing to make if you're not used to making it. Ceramic Lining is made through Pottery and has a Trivial of 36. All of the items required in making it can be purchased from a Pottery Vendor in your main city. Once you have the materials required for making a Ceramic Lining follow the instructions below.

Go to a Pottery Wheel and combine the following:

Ceramic Lining Sketch (Vendor Purchased)

Small Block of Clay (Vendor Purchased)

Water Flask (Vendor Purchased)

Upon successful combination you should recieve an Unfired Ceramic Lining. With that in hand you will want to head over to a Kiln and combine the following:

Quality Firing Sheet

Unfired Ceramic Lining

Result: Ceramic Lining


Ceramic Lining uses:

Bread Tin

Cake Round

Muffin Tin

Non-Stick Frying Pan

Pie Tin

Casserole Dish





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