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Morning Dew

           Morning Dew is used in many different cultural combines for both Wood Elves and High Elves. It has a few uses outside of the cultural recipes but you'll find that is what most people use it for. Morning Dew can be foraged from both Greater Faydark or Lesser Faydark and also can be found as a ground spawn in Lesser Faydark. In addition to those two methods of gathering it, there are certain mobs located in Lesser Faydark that also drop Morning Dew.

           If you want to farm yourself up some Morning Dew focus on killing the brownies and faeries in Lesser Faydark. They are the only two mobs with Morning Dew as a part of their loot table. If you decide to kill the brownies in Lesser Faydark for Morning Dew keep an eye out for any Brownie Parts. They are used in Baking to make Winter Chocolate which in turn makes Jumjum Cake which is used in making Misty Thicket Picnics.

Brownie Parts

Morning Dew












































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