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EQ Updates will be starting with the TLPs within the next few weeks

Everquest Progression Server Tradeskill Guides

           Well, tons of people have been asking me when I am going to get Tradeskill guides up for EQ, not just for the progression servers but for EQ in general. Now, due to the massive amount of work and research that would be required in making the Tradeskill Guide I constantly put them off and in the "to come in the future" section of my website. However, since the progression server starts us off at Classic EQ, there isn't really THAT much data to search through.

           Now, these guides will still work on the regular EQ servers, of course, but I specifically made them for the progression servers and the "classic" element of EQ. Each of the recipes used in the guides here are available in classic EQ and will be for the people playing on the progression servers. To the best of my knowledge none of these recipes would be unavailable if you were playing on something besides the progression server that is only classic EQ.



Classic EQ Alchemy Guide

Velious Alchemy Guide

PoP Alchemy Guide

Omens Alchemy Guide

Alchemy Potions List for the TLP. amazing information, every potion and how to make it on the TLP a must bookmark for any potion maker



Classic EQ Baking Guide

Velious Baking Guide

PoP Baking Guide

Omens Baking Guide



Classic EQ Brewing Guide

Velious Brewing Guide

PoP Brewing Guide

Omens Brewing Guide



Classic EQ Fletching Guide

Velious Fletching Guide

PoP Fletching Guide

Omens Fletching Guide



Classic EQ Jewelcrafting Guide

Velious Jewelcrafting Guide

PoP Jewelcrafting Guide

Omens Jewelcrafting Guide



Classic EQ Pottery Guide

Velious Pottery Guide

PoP Pottery Guide

Omens Pottery Guide



Classic EQ Smithing Guide

Velious Smithing Guide

PoP Smithing Guide

Omens Smithing Guide


Spell Research

Classic EQ Spell Research Guide

Velious Spell Research Guide

PoP Spell Research Guide

Omens Spell Research Guide



Classic EQ Tailoring Guide

Velious Tailoring Guide

PoP Tailoring Guide

Omens Tailoring Guide



Classic EQ Tinkering Guide

Velious Tinkering Guide

PoP Tinkering Guide

Omens Tinkering Guide


Poison Making

Classic EQ Poison Making Guide

Velious Poison Making Guide

PoP Poison Making Guide

Omens Poison Making Guide


















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