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           I can't thank everyone enough for the continued support you've provided my baby, . Everyone that knows me knows that I put everything I have into this website, staying up countless hours of the night after a new game is released and going over every single foot of a gameworld to find the absolute best farming locations before everyone else. I've dedicated every spare minute of free time that I have to providing you with the best website around for gaming guides.

Now you can help me just as much as I helped you.

           Almost everyone has a paypal in this day and age or a credit card, debit card or some ability to send money electronically. By now I'm sure you're all also familiar with Paypal, so I don't need to go writing a guide on how to donate to me! If you'd like to send me a donation, even if it is just a small amount like a dollar or five dollars, know that your donation goes towards me providing you with better, faster and more up to date guides. It's great to see your continued support with and I am looking forward to writing thousands of guides in the future for everyone!

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           Even if you have absolutely no money to spare you can still help me out by doing things such as liking my website's Facebook, liking any videos I have up on Youtube, subscribing to me on Youtube, posting comments on my videos and even sharing them on your Facebook. Below are some links you can follow through to if you'd like to offer any assistance. I put together random Youtube videos here which have ads on them. You don't have to do anything special once you get to the video, simply watching it helps me!

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Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Video

Hilarious Swtor Smuggler Line

Skyrim: How to Steal and Plant Madesi's Ring

           Doing any of these things may seem small and pointless to you but I assure you they help me significantly. Every little bit helps, never be afraid to like a video on Youtube or share something on Facebook as a single share on Facebook could get me even more loyal viewers who might share content too which would get me even more loyal viewers. That is exactly how word of mouth advertising works and it is by far the most effective advertising ever.

I love all of my fans and will continue to write guides and help all of you regardless of if you help me. Although I'll love you more if you do! =)

Want to make money off of ME instead? Write a few guides for Almar's!

Any amount you give will be spent to better my guides I assure you!


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