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           Hey everyone! As many of you guys may know I don't run Almar's Guides for money. In fact to say this website even makes me money is a bit of a stretch. With the modern day adblockers making money off advertisements is difficult at best. Almost everyone has some sort of adblocker these days and most people can't be bothered to turn it off for select websites. It's hard to trust a website too these days since so many run sketchy ads so I know why most would not want to disable their adblocker.

           I am kind of proud to not use any sketchy ads on my website, I only use Google Adsense which means I don't make that much money but I can make sure no annoying ads that talk run on my website or no spyware or malicious ads - everything goes through google. I do/can offer independant ads for some people who are looking to advertise depending on what their requests are and what type of ads but I make sure that it's never anything malicious nor will it be something that annoys me. After all, I wouldn't ask my users to put up with an ad that I can't put up with.

           Outside of donations the only way I make money off of my website is through the advertisements that are displayed on each page. You know, the things you and everyone else probably has blocked! In truth, my website makes a really crappy amount of money each day. In fact, I will even admit it to you and show you. It's not like this is my main form of income anyway and I would like for you to see how pathetic this is:

           If I did this for the money I wouldn't even be able to pay for my own cell phone bill each month once I factor in hosting costs I take home 80$ or so a month. This is how it is for most people who don't run intrusive ads or a huge amount of ads. Truthfully, the only *real* money I make is off of donations. Any time I get a donation it pretty much makes my entire day. No matter the amount, I am just always happy to see some one give back. There is just so much content on this website.

Allakhazam and EQresource both have premium services to offer to people which is some compensation instead of relying entirely on the ads alone. However, Almar's Guides doesn't have any premium service at this time and I pretty much solely rely on donations + google adsense. Regardless of if you donate, I will do my best to keep this website alive until I draw my dying breath. My guides will always be free, I will never run any ads I can't tolerate myself.

You have my promise!






           Above you can find my paypal donation button. If you're feeling kind then know that your donation puts the kick in my step for writing more guides. Feel free to put in a request when you make a donation too, generally the more a guide is requested the better the chance of me writing it. Also, if you do decide to donate thank you very much - you've made me extremely happy! And of course, if you can't spare any money there is always other options!! See below

Don't have extra money to give but still want to help?

White list my website!! Just doing that and the ads displaying when you browse will help me out a ton. I would really appreciate that.



<This is currently a work in progress, I will work more on the formatting over time most likely there will be ads displayed here above the comment section in the future, the usual ones you see on websites prior to the disqus chat. They have their own ad system called Revel which I need to wait for approval for, I don't know how long it will take but once that's done I can reformat this.>

If you find anything wrong with the guide on this page or just have a comment please feel free to leave it below!



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