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Diablo 3 Jeweler Profession Guide

           The Jewelcrafting Profession in Diablo 3 allows players to combine lower quality gems together to make higher quality gems and also allows players to unsocket items without the item itself being destroyed in the end result. Players won't have the option to make any gems until sometime during Act 2 when this profession is unlocked by following the main quest line. Jewelcrafting works much the same way that Blacksmithing does in the fact that the Artisan does all of the crafting, the player just has to kick back and wait.

           Covetus Shen, the Jeweler, has many different ranks of his Jewelcrafting Profession, much like the Blacksmith. However, the Jeweler is much cheaper and easier to raise up through the ranks as there is really only one or two per difficulty. Much like Blacksmithing you will need Pages of Jewelcrafting and Tomes of Jewelcrafting to raise this Profession. During the final difficulty; (Inferno) they both share the same material, Tomb of Secrets.

           The Jewelcrafting Profession is a great Profession to raise because they have something good for everybody! Any item with a socket can be made better by the Jeweler. Especially if you're a lower level player since gems have absolutely no level restrictions you can put a +30 some Vitality gem in a level 10 item and be running around like a boss!

           Here is an example of an ingame combine you can do at the Jeweler. I just want to bring your attention to the materials and the cost to combine everything. As you can see the materials are 3 gems of a lesser quality, 2 Tomes of Jewelcrafting and 20k. The price to complete all of these combines is pretty ridiculous and in all honesty unless Blizzard lowers the prices I recommend just buying the gems off the Auction House. A gem of this same quality I can buy for 6k and save myself the horrible combine prices.

           The more useful perk to the Jeweler is being able to unsocket your gems! You can unsocket your gems one of two ways in Diablo 3. One is to Salvage the item you have at the Blacksmith, you'll get your gem back for free but the items will be destroyed. The second way is to visit the Jeweler and allow him to unsocket your gem. This will cost a bit of money (as seen in the picture below) but will allow you to get your item and the gem back without losing either!

           At first I thought Jewelcrafting didn't seem that useful as the amount it costs to create gems wasn't worth spending with having to buy new gear as well. Once I hit Inferno I realized how important gems were since at that point in the game gems start to give you crazy good stats. Throughout the whole game I recommend you save your gems and eventually convert them all up to something good. At least that's how I usually do things. Now since I really can't think of all that much more to say, here are the four different types of gems available to you in Diablo 3 and further down are examples of the different types of gems in the game.

Amethyst (Vitality - Life)

Emerald (Dexterity)

Ruby (Strength)

Topaz (Intelligence)

           I think that sums up everything there is to say about Jewelers in Diablo 3 and all the fun things they can do. In closing, as promised earlier, here are a few of the gems you can get later on in the game in late Hell/early Inferno. It's a little insentive showing you just how good some of the gems in the game can be!



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