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Diablo 3 Blacksmithing Guide

           Blacksmithing is the first profession players will come across in Diablo 3. It is unlocked through helping Haedrig Eamon with his quest during Act 1. You will be around level 5 or 6 by the time you unlock Blacksmithing (Usually about an hour into the game). At the very start there isn't much available to you via Blacksmithing. There are a few basic patterns which you can craft but you will need to unlock more by spending gold at the Blacksmith to raise his proficiency (see below for more information on this).

           One of the key points of Blacksmithing that promotes is you won't have to create any of the items yourself. In order to craft an item you will need to visit the Blacksmithing Artisan that follows you around from town to town and pay him a specific amount of gold. He will take care of the rest. There are 10 levels in all for each of the 3 different professions in Diablo 3. In order to raise your Artisan profession up you will need gold to train until the Nightmare act at which point you will need Pages of Blacksmithing as well. Once you reach Hell you will need Tomes of Blacksmithing and then once you reach Inferno difficulty you will need Tome of Secrets.

           All of the materials used in crafting in Diablo 3 are gained through Salvaging. There are different salvaged materials for each different difficult of Diablo. More information on this is below as for now here is a picture of the Blacksmithing Training Window.

Blacksmithing Training Window

           I am currently on the second level of Blacksmithing in that picture. As you progress upwards through the levels of Blacksmithing it will become more and more costly and you will be able to craft more and more powerful items and weapons. The items you can craft through Blacksmithing are mostly random but they do have some set in stone stats like their armor class. What I mean by random is that when you choose to craft a certain item you will know the type of armor you're getting, it's armor class (AC) and how many extra magical properties will be on it.

           Here is a picture of a pair of boots you can make early on in Blacksmithing. These boots are equal to a pair of magical boots that you can find at that level from a named or rare mob. Notice how at the bottom of the craft window it says "+2 Random Magic Properties"? This is what I mean by it will give you a random enchantment on the boots. This random enchantment could be either extremely useful or completely worthless to you. It's all luck. Worse comes to worse if you don't like the outcome of the item you can always Salvage it for some materials back and try again.

Further down this page I will show you some pictures of crafted items. (If you are having trouble viewing the below image click to enlarge it)

Journeyman Chain Boots

           The items it takes to make these items through Blacksmithing depend entirely on the item you want to make. From what I have seen the most common reagents in making items are Subtle Essences. These items are acquired through Salvaging other magical items at the Blacksmithing trainer. Every magical item you come across that you don't want you should Salvage to get a good base of these items for the time being. Eventually you will want to sell the items instead but I will allow you to decide when it is time to make that transition.

           From what I have seen most of the earlier recipes only require 4 to 10 Subtle Essences but a lot of the recipes you get from Journeyman Blacksmithing require more Subtle Essences even going up into the 20s. Also from my experience you will only get 1 Subtle Essence per magic item that you salvage. Luckily magic items are fairly common especially if you have have gear with an increased percentage to find Magical Items. If you come across a rare item and salvage it you will be rewarded with a Fallen Tooth as well as a Subtle Essence. Also you can get a Fallen Tooth from salvaging a normal magical item but it is much more rare.

           There are more Crafting Materials for you to find as you level up through Diablo 3, each new difficulty of the game adding in a new set of crafting materials. As a few examples in Nightmare mode Shimmering Essence takes place of Subtle Essences and Lizard Eye takes place of Fallen Tooths. In Hell Wishful Essence takes place of Shimmering Essences and Encrusted Hoof takes the place of Lizard Eye. A good writeup for these materials is on Diablo 3's Crafting Materials Page.

Subtle Essence

           That is all I can think of for getting you started with Blacksmithing. Remember this isn't an indepth guide that tells you how to get the best gear ever through the profession but more a guide to get you started with it. I will add another more advanced guide later which this page will then link to. For now we are all noobs and could use the basics. Also as promised below I have put together a few pictures of the gear you can make through Blacksmithing. This should show you some of the goodies that you can make through Blacksmithing.

Broad Axes:

Adventuring Broad Axe of Slaughter

Vampiric Broad Axe of the Snake


Scouting Boots of Thorns

Scouting Leather Doublet of Thorns



If you find anything wrong with the guide on this page or if you just have a comment about it please feel free to leave it below!



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