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Diablo 3 Profession Guides

           Diablo 3 offers three different professions to players via their Artisan system. Players will not be crafting the items themselves, instead they will come across special NPCs throughout the game known as Artisans. These NPCs will craft different items for you if the pay is right and if you have the materials for them. In order for players to gain access to the Artisan NPCs they must first find them (of course) and complete a task from them before they will offer their services to the player.

           Once you complete the task via that Artisan they will follow you around at your Caravan or at least close to it. Leveling up each profession will be quite costly but if you consider some of the great gear and items you can make through the Artisan system you will learn that it is very much worth your time. According to many of the players in beta each profession takes (give or take) 200k gold to train all the way up to max. This may seem expensive but as you go up in level the gold drops become more sizable.

           As aforementioned there are 3 different professions for players to choose from (you are able to have all 3 of them if you so choose), these professions are Jeweler, Blacksmith, Mystic and then an additional one that is meerly just for materials, Salvaging. Salvaging isn't its own Profession but more a part of Blacksmithing and the main way you will get materials for your Artisans. As you raise these professions you will be able to make better and better quality items, eventually allowing you to make some of the best gear in the game.

           Leveling up a Profession in Diablo 3 doesn't require you to spam making hundreds of different items all it requires is for you to spend gold on further levels of training at the Artisan. As you go up in level at the Artisan it will cost more and more to raise your skill and also starting at the end of level 4 it will require you to college Pages of Training to raise your skill. Pages of Training don't drop until Nightmare difficulty so you will not be seeing any of them for the first whole play through. Below is a picture of the training window just so you can get a visual taste of what to expect with it.

Artisan Training

           I am a Journeyman in Blacksmithing that is why it is 4k gold currently. The rank before this one was 2k gold for each skill up. Aside from just raising your skill each time you purchase a training your artisan will learn more recipes as your skill goes up as well as higher level recipes. From what I have seen with higher level recipes they take the same items as lower level ones just more of that item. For example Blacksmithing items require something called Subtle Essences and I have noticed that level 38 gear takes 20 or more of these Subtle Essences while level 4 gear only takes 2 or 3.

           The items made through each profession are mostly random in the sense that you don't know what stats you're going to get. For example players can create something like an axe with +3 Magical Properties but you won't know what these magical properties are until after you craft the item. This is both fun and annoying at the same time as you could be trying to make an axe for your Barbarian and you keep getting Intellect as an attribute instead of anything useful for you. But it also adds an element of surprise to crafting which I find quite interesting, new and enjoyable.

           Well, that about does it for the basic knowledge on crafting for Diablo 3. The only other thing that seems worth mentioning is that as you raise your Artisan skills your Caravan/Artisan areas will become more pimped out and gain a bit more bling. I see this bit of information everywhere with people constantly talking about how it changes with each of the many different ranks so maybe the cosmetic appeal to the Blacksmithing tent interests some people. I personally have no preference.

Anyway without further ado here are the Profession Guides for Diablo 3!

List of My Diablo 3 Profession Guides

Jeweler Profession Guide

Blacksmithing Profession Guide

           In closing, since as I mentioned before people like staring at the Blacksmithing encampment, here you guys go! The picture below is me standing at the Blacksmithing Artisan (Haedrig Eamon) in New Tristram. My Blacksmithing Artisan is a Journeyman (rank 2) so he isn't quite tricked out yet with a bunch of cool things around him. He has just a rather basic work area. Maybe in the future I will add something more to this page, a picture for each of the different stages or something of that sort but for right now I don't find it that important.

Blacksmithing Artisan Camp



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