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Diablo 3 Follower Guides

           The follower system in Diablo 3 is much like the Companion system in SWTOR or the Mercenary system in Guild Wars if you have ever played either of those games. Followers in Diablo 3 follow you around for free and assists you in killing or completing certain tasks at hand that might require their assistance or expertise. There are a few different types of followers in Diablo 3 and from what I have seen so far they play a major role in how the game progresses. The first follower players will come across in Diablo 3 is the Templar which you will get early on in Act 1 and he must be at your side during Act 1 to complete it.

           The Templar in Diablo 3 is much like the Paladin in Diablo 2; they have a lot of similarities but aren't exactly 110% the same. As you could imagine players will be able to customize their follower to a certain extent and level him up. Your follower isn't always the same level as you and he doesn't level "with" you, he gains experience like a normal player would and must be leveled up on his own after you get him. When it comes to customizing your follower he isn't as customizable as say a player but he has some things you can improve on him.

           By clicking on the Follower icon in the top left of your screen you will open up the Follower window which will allow you to learn much more about our friend. Below I have provided a picture of the Templar's follower window, as aforementioned he is the first companion you will get in the game followed by Scoundrel later in Act 1 and then Enchantress in Act 2, if you are curious.

Templar Window

           As you can see from the above picture the Templar has his own experience bar and five slots which you can put gear into for him to use. He can only use these 5 pieces of gear and a Relic which you unlock later in the game at level 18. This is one of the main things that come to mind when I said limited customization. Unlike players that can have triple the amount of gear to play with your companions only get a few pieces. Looking a bit further down his window you will see Skills. At the current point in time I only have one set of skills unlocked but that's ok as it is all I need to talk about and demonstrate it for this guide.

           There are two skills available to my Templar at this time and for each tier of skills you are only allowed to pick one. For example in the screenshot that I have no you will notice both abilities are lit up, I have yet to choose which of the two I would like to use yet, Heal or Intervene. Choose wisely as at this point in time once you pick what skill you want him to have you can't choose the other. Luckily, at least for me, the choices throughout his whole tree are pretty simple. But for the sake of arguing lets take a look at the first two skills you can choose between.

Heal Templar Skill

           This in my opinion is the better choice for the Templar as a heal can do much more than a taunt can when you're about to die or getting low on health. Especially for a class like a Barbarian or a melee fighter that has a much greater chance of dieing than a ranged fighter or spellcaster. No matter my class Heal will always be my choice for my Templar's first ability.

Intervene Templar Skill

           Taunt is a high threat generating ability that switches the monster's agro over to the taunter. If you are unfamiliar with gaming lingo this really just means the mob attacks whomever taunted him. While taunt definitely has its uses later on in Hell and Inferno I definitely feel that Heal is a better choice early on. The choice is ultimately up to you, it's your Templar and your game after all.

           Aside from the abilities and gear that you can customize your Follower with there is nothing else you are able to do to make him anymore powerful. Incase you are having trouble choosing what abilities you would like to choose for each of your followers I have provided guides on each follow below and what abilities I am choosing and or what I recommend that you pick to best fit your playstyle and not gimp out your follower by picking all of the wrong things.

List of Follower Abilities

Templar Abilities

Scoundrel Abilities

Enchantress Abilities



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