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Whimsyshire Nightmare Farming (Under Construction)

Whimsyshire is the cow level of Diablo 3. Although here you will not be fighting cows you will be fighting unicorns, teddy bears and flowers. The reason for this is because many of the fans called Diablo 3 too bright and happy early on in development, which I would say is the reason this level was created. In order to get to Whimsyshire players will need the Staff of Herding which requires you to run around and collect a bunch of different materials throughout the world. You will need a Black Mushroom, Leoric's Shinbone, Wirt's Bell, Liquid Rainbow and the Gibbering Gemstone. Take all of these items to the Blacksmith and he will combine them all for you into the Staff of Herding!

In order to get to Whimsyshire players will need to join an Act 1 game and take The Old Ruins Waypoint. From here you will want to backtrack away from where Adria's hut is and back towards Tristram. Where you will be going is a little bit difficult to explain in text and much easier in video format so click here to watch a video of my Whimsyshire run and how I got there.

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Now in Whimsyshire you will be opening up every Happy Cloud that you see, smashing all of the Lovely Presents, stomping all of the Mushrooms and obliterating all of the unicorns and teddy bears. That's right, look at all of those well used verbs! Each run of Whimsyshire will take on average 10 to 13 minutes depending on how many named mobs you take out and how fast you're moving. If you stop frequently to check what loot you got or to identify a rare the run will take longer than it would have otherwise.

Since farming Whimsyshire on Nightmare will be so easy I strongly recommend you swap out a lot of your gear for Gold Find or Magic Find gear. Preferably Gold Find gear as any magic items you find here will just be vendor trash anyway. With about 200% Gold Find you will be finding as much gold as you would find here on Hell with 0 Gold Find. That may not sound so exciting to you at first but consider the fact that the mobs here are so stupidly easy. You'll be able to plow through here in about 10 minutes and make 15k or more with each run.

Of course 15k in 10 minutes isn't that much gold but hey, we're on Nightmare after all... If you can handle Inferno you should be there instead anyway!

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