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Arreat Crater Nightmare Farming

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Believe it or not Arreat Crater on Nightmare difficulty offers a great farming location even to players who are level 60. Granted at level 60 you need to throw on some Gold Find gear in order to make this location worth it, however, with that Gold Find gear this location is better than a lot of other places out there. Also, more importantly this location can never be nerfed as in order for Blizzard to nerf it they would need to completely change the whole entire quest (which would ultimatly be game breaking).

To get started for farming Arreat Crater you will want to collect an entire set of Gold Find gear. You'll want to put all of it on and also put a full set onto your follower (Rings, Amulets and a Quiver, off-hand or shield depending on your follower). You also want to make sure you have some Gold Pickup gear (at least 7 yards) and at least a decent weapon or weapons so you can still kill stuff here. Once you have all of that you'll be good to go!

Much like Farming Arreat Crater on any other difficulty what you will want to do is select the first part of the Heart of Sin quest and take the waypoint in town to Arreat Crater. You will have tons of dungeons to clear through before reaching the first Sin Heart at which point your quest will update again to reach and destroy the second Sin Heart. After doing that you kill Azmodan and you're all done. Throughout the run here you will get a Page of Blacksmithing or a Page of Jewelcrafting every 10 to 15 mobs, ontop of other goodies which isn't that bad considering how huge some packs of mobs are.

Usually within a single run here you can net 10 to 15 pages of each and a bunch of random gems. You'll also get a bunch of Magic and Rare gear but I strongly recommend just salvaging all of that as you won't get much for it on the Auction House and you will probably get more gold for the raw materials then actually vendoring the items. There is one item that I strongly recommend you keep an eye out for though, Boj Runners. These are legendary boots that require level 39 to wear and they are the only boots in the entire game with both Movement Speed and Attack Speed on them. For this reason it isn't uncommon to see a level 60 player that wants to use them.

Now with how much Gold Find you're stacking will determine how much gold you are getting per kill. With 230% Gold Find (with full Nephalem Valor) I was getting as much gold as I would be finding on Hell here on Nightmare. Which means I was netting about 12k per level (floor of a dungeon). That isn't including the rares/magics that you can either salvage or vendor. In total for the entire run which took me a little under 25 minutes I made 96k gold. It may not sound like a lot but consider the fact that I have yet to sell my tomes of Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing and also the fact that during the run where I took this average I was making my video. Talking slows me down.

This location is more meant for players that are incapable of handling Inferno currently or just want something easy and brainless to do. Obviously farming something in Inferno will net you better gold than here, this is Nightmare difficulty after all! Now if you are interested in farming here let's take a look at the few requirements you'll want to fulfill before coming here:


Gold Find Gear

At least 7 Yards Pickup Radius

Movement Speed for faster runs

With all of those items farming Arreat Crater on Nightmare difficulty will be a breeze. Don't forget extremely profitable too! Since I have ran out of things to say I am going to take a bow, give you a few of my totals/averages per runs here and also put a link to my video for farming here below.

Average Per Run: 100 - 120k gold (Depends how much you skip + Gold Find amount)

Arreat Crater Nightmare Loot Table

Flawless Amethyst

Perfect Emerald

Flawless Topaz

Page of JewelcraftingPage of Jewelcrafting

Page of BlacksmithingPage of Blacksmithing



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