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Act 1 Inferno Resplendant Chest Farming

Long Video Showing The Whole Run

           This farming run isn't one that you will be doing seperate from everything. I usually do this path before running through Halls of Agony and taking out the Butcher and Warden. You could skip out on them if you want to but you will lower the amount of rares and magic items you get, for obvious reasons. Doing this entire farming run will net you on average 2 rares every 5 minutes and will take about two hours to do. My video is an hour and 20 minutes and that doesn't include the Warden or Butcher at all.

           To get started with this run you will want to select the first part of The Imprisoned Angel quest and enter the game. Once you arrive in town speak with Leah to accept the quest and from there port to The Festering Woods. Once you're here you're going to be running around looking for any Elite or Champion packs. There are usually three that spawn outside as well as a Treasure Goblin that spawns out here. There is also an event, Stand of the Ancients, which I usually skip because the boss at the end of it is always super annoying.

           There are also two caves here, Warrior's Rest and Crypt of the Ancients. In both of these caves you will find an additional named pack for you to kill bringing you up to full Nephalem Valor before you even leave here. If you're only at 4 don't sweat it, sometimes you won't get all 5 here.

           From the Festering Woods you will want to go to Fields of Misery. Here you are going to find a wall as quickly as possible and follow it around to chart out how big the zone is. After you have done that you are going to start filling in the middle of the map. We're looking for caves, events or anything that could offer you a lot of loot. Caves will always have a Resplendant Chest on the second floor and a lot of events lead to a Resplendant or give you good loot from an easy to kill boss. In the Fields of Misery you will want to ignore the Khazra Den. There is nothing good in here.

           After you get done with Fields of Misery you will want to sell back in town and Salvage all level 60 items. Then you are going to be heading to Highlands Crossing. You will be doing the same thing here as you did in Fields of Misery. Chart out the whole zone and then start filling in the middle to find the events/caves. The same amount of caves can spawn here that can spawn in Fields of Misery. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you kill any Champion and Elite packs that come at you.

           After you complete Highlands Crossing you will be doing Northern Highlands. This is one of the final areas and you're going to be doing it the same exact way as the other two. There is only one or two caves that I have ever found here but there are a few different events. This will probably be the fastest area you blast through. After you finish off Northern Highlands you're going to go back to town and select Cathedral Garden. At the Cathedral Garden you want to loop around the area, check for nameds that come out of the ground and open up all the chests/flip over bodies/destroy stumps.

           After you clear out the Cathedral Garden you'll be porting to The Old Ruins. You're going to be essentially doing the same thing here but also checking for two cellars that spawn in the general area. It is hard to explain both of these areas and exactly what to do in words but here is a video of how to do this quick Act 1 farming run. I also detail these two areas in my longer video but that one is a quick summary of them. After you finish up all of these locations you're pretty much all done here. All that is left is the Warden/Butcher!

Common Loot Table

600 - 1300g Drops

Tome of SecretsTome of Secrets

Flawless Square AmethystFlawless Square Amethyst

Flawless Square EmeraldFlawless Square Emerald

Flawless Square RubyFlawless Square Ruby

Flawless Square TopazFlawless Square Topaz

Magic RingHang onto all "Gold Find/Magic Find" Rings/Amulets you find

Trash Loot Table

Magic BracerAt least four or five trips back to town with an inventory full of Magic Items

Rare BootsAt least 1 or 2 rares every 5 minutes for a total of 30 or more during the entire run

Magic RingHang onto all "Gold Find/Magic Find" Rings/Amulets you find



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