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Monster Power 10 Experience Farming

There are a few truly great ways to level up your Paragon levels but in my personal experience of doing them all I have never found one that can get me as much experience as farming these two locations on Monster Power 10.

You may know a little bit about farming MP10 but you probably don't know how awesome it can be and how easy it can be at the same time... Of course only for certain classes. In order to effectively farm MP10 you must have a class that is able to skip elite/champ packs. You can't waste time killing them, it will take forever, trust me. I have a WW barb and have no issue skipping the packs and I know Monks and Demon Hunters can do the same. I know Witch Doctors can't and I am not sure about Wizards.

So to get started the main thing you want to do is Arreat Crater Level 2. The reason for this is because it has the most Scorpion packs of any Arreat Crater Level. Now the key to doing this efficiently is only stop for the Scorpion Packs. In some cases you may have to stop for other things, like on my Whirlwind Barb I sometimes have to stop for things to build up time on my Wrath of the Berserker. It may hold true for other classes as well.

You will get about 5mil XP from doing Arreat Crater 2 and it will take roughly 2 minutes for each run through here. It's important you go from point A to point B here. A lot of places dead end and if you know they do (and don't have Scorpions) skip them. Once you're done and end up back in Tower of the Cursed you can start with the second place we're going to do which is optional

The second location is Keep Depths Level 2. The main reason we are doing this location is because it is an extremely dense zone and while it won't give you as much experience as Arreat Crater 2 it will give you the best chance of finding a Legendary Item. For those of you that just want experience I recommend you do only Arreat Crater 2; however if you want loot too I strongly recommend you do Keep Depths 2. For Keep Depths you will be killing almost everything but the Champ/Elite packs.

You will have to be careful around the Fallen Maniacs (the little green bastards that blow you up). Once you agro them and they 'catch on fire' and raise an arm up just kite them and they will explode in like 5 seconds. Aside from that Keep Depths 2 is fairly straightforward as well. If you hit a dead end and the only way to get to an 'unexplored' area is by massive backtracking just leave and start a new game.

Doing both of these dungeons will take about 7 - 12 minutes depending on what you run into and how much exploring you can actually do. There is a third place you can do but most people won't be able to. In fact I can't even do it and my Barb is friggin loaded with gear. The third area is Fields of Slaughter. If you're wondering why it is so hard on Mp10 here is why...

So the main mobs out here are those Blood Clan pig things. After you engage them a few seconds later they 'enrage' and when this happens they start hitting for double the amount they hit for before. Now, that normally wouldn't be an issue however in Fields of Slaughter like 50 of them agro you at once. Even on a WW barb you just don't have enough time to heal yourself before they kill you.




Each Run Averages (averaged from 100 of my own runs):

Gold - 50k per run

Experience - 9 - 12 million per run

ETA - 7 - 12 minutes per run






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