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Inferno Act 2 Maghda Farming Run

           Maghda is the first boss you will be fighting during Act 2 and is probably one of the easiest bosses you can possibly fight through all of Inferno. If you can dodge her Locust Swarm attack and kite the Dark Berserkers around when they do their charged up swing you'll be A-ok when facing her. Now getting to Magdha is a completely different story. To get started with this farming run you will want to select the A City of Blood quest from your character select screen and port to Khasim Outpost.

           There are a few things that can make this run a complete nightmare if you're not prepared. For example, any elite pack of bees no matter who you are will probably be the most annoying thing you have ever fought in your life. These little buggers buzz around all over the place and they move extremely fast even without the "Fast" effect. They also shoot out a line of bees at you which hit like little minature semis. It will be hard for melee to dodge them but ranged won't have that much trouble. You just have to be quick and keep moving.

           In the Stinging Winds area there are a few different events you can come across. There are a few different random dungeons that can spawn and also an event where you help a Necromancer fend off some Undead. Both of which are worth clearing/doing as you'll get more loot and also more Nephalem Valor. Once you get closer to Alcarnus you will start to notice how hard these Act can be. For some reason the Cultists in Alcarnus are insanely overpowered. The named mobs outside the city don't give me any trouble at all but these cultists move extremely fast and hit extremely hard. It's a complete Nightmare.

           Also, I have never had any trouble with the mob myself but other players report that the big berserker guy that spawns before the bridge as you are trying to enter Alcarnus is a real pain in the butt to kill to. I have personally never had trouble with him and just kite him around to take him out. In all honesty, I usually skip the city of Alcarnus, those cultists are on crack with how hard they hit and how fast they move, I can barely kite most of their packs. In otherwords, if you have to skip them too don't worry!

           Unlike the previous two farming locations, this location only has a single boss, Maghda. After you kill her you will want to restart the quest and repeat it if you're planning on farming here awhile. As far as the loot goes here I have found it to be pretty decent. Depending on how hard this location is for you I actually might recommend that you still farm Act 1 as if you die more than 4 or 5 times per run here you probably won't be making that much profit and the loot here is almost identical to Act 1.

<Need Picture of Magdha Loot; otherwise guide is pretty much done>

Common Loot Table

600 - 1300g Drops

Tome of SecretsTome of Secrets

Flawless Square AmethystFlawless Square Amethyst

Flawless Square EmeraldFlawless Square Emerald

Flawless Square RubyFlawless Square Ruby

Flawless Square TopazFlawless Square Topaz

Magic RingHang onto all "Gold Find/Magic Find" Rings/Amulets you find

Trash Loot Table

Magic BracerAt least two trips back to town of an Inventory full of Magic Items

Rare BootsUsually 1 or 2 rare items from all of the trash before Magdha

Magic RingHang onto all "Gold Find/Magic Find" Rings/Amulets you find

Boss Drops (Magdha)

Rare Belt2 to 5 Rares with full Nephalem Valor (Levels 57 - 60 usually)

Magic Belt5 to 8 Magic Items (Levels 57 - 60 usually)



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