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Cathedral Act 1 Inferno Farming

The Skeleton King

           The Cathedral in Act 1 is a great farming location for all difficulties because I feel it is an introduction into what you should be expecting for that difficulty. If you can't get far past act 1 falling back onto Cathedral is a great idea as you'll have tons of mobs to kill and a ton of chances at loot which could help you with those pesky later acts. The only real downside of farming Cathedral is it drops loot from your current difficulty as well as loot from the difficulty you just came from. Although, if you're level 60 and farming once you get full Nephalem Valor you will mostly just be getting loot from the high end of Cathedral's level range.

           To start a Cathedral farming run select the Reign of the Black King quest from Act 1. If you would like to get full Nephalem Valor before even entering the Cathedral choose the "A Shattered Crown" quest and clear each of the three tombs as you search for the crown.

           Farming Cathedral on Inferno is very common as it is the first good farming location in all difficulties and because it offers a fairly easy experience even for those undergeared for Inferno. I recommend at least 40k HP and 10k damage before stepping foot into Inferno. This may seem like a lot but you can easily get both of these by spending 250 - 500k on the Auction House. Check frequently for new pieces of gear and you'll have a decent full set in no time at all.

           To get started you will want to port to the Cathedral Garden and take Leoric's Passage (where we came out earlier with Cain) and head down to Cathedral Level 2. Once you are in the Cathedral it is constant killing from now until you reach the Skeleton King. As they say, leave no stone unturned! In Cathedral that can be taken quite literally as well since there are many loose stones for you to unearth which could have over a thousand gold under them!

           While killing your way through Cathedral there will be two bosses for you to take down. First will be Jondar, the one guy whom you help your Templar buddy take down. He drops quite a few goodies, a little bit less than the Skeleton King but still a decent amount of loot. Shortly after the evil Templar fight will be the Skeleton King whom on average (with full Nephalem Valor) drops 2 rares and 5 blues. As an example of how many items you can expect from him, take a look at my screenshot below.

Skeleton King Loot
Example of Skeleton King loot with full Nephalem Valor (click to enlarge)

           If you've never done the Skeleton King before on Inferno the only real word of advice I can give to you is try your hardest not to get hit. He hits really hard on Inferno and if you have never been hit by him this could very well one shot you. A good rule of thumb is when the Skeleton King starts teleporting around the room just stay on the run and don't cut any turns too sharp. This will greatly decrease the chance of you being hit and will save your butt during the fight.

Once you have slain the Skeleton King loot up rinse and repeat!

Common Loot Table

600 - 1300g Drops

Tome of SecretsTome of Secrets

Flawless Square AmethystFlawless Square Amethyst

Flawless Square EmeraldFlawless Square Emerald

Flawless Square RubyFlawless Square Ruby

Flawless Square TopazFlawless Square Topaz

Magic RingHang onto all "Gold Find/Magic Find" Rings/Amulets you find

Trash Loot Table

Magic BracerAt least two trips back to town of an Inventory full of Magic Items

Rare BootsAt least 7 or 8 Rares from all the trash mobs inbetween the bosses

Magic RingHang onto all "Gold Find/Magic Find" Rings/Amulets you find

Boss Drops (Skeleton King & Jondar)

Rare Belt2 to 5 Rares with full Nephalem Valor (Levels 54 - 60 usually)

Magic Belt5 to 8 Magic Items (Levels 54 - 60 usually)



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