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Turning the Tides

To get started with this farming location all you want to do is select Act 3, the second quest (Turning the Tides) and click Start Game. From here you have two options; one is you can progress through Stonefort and initiate the fighting off the demons quest and take out the boss and then continue to progress as far as you can before having to reset the game. The second method is you can backtrack a bit from Stonefort through where you previously lit the Bonfires. Clear out the usual 2 or 3 elite/champ packs in here for Nephalem Valor and then take out the boss and progress through Stonefort.

This is a very short and very easy farming method that is really only made for people who are unable to handle Act 3 very well and are looking for an easy place to farm that is still in Act 3. In order to handle this location you will need at least 35k HP and 450 All Resist with 32 - 35k Damage. Those are all on the low ends of the spectrum, if you run "glass cannon" it will be different and you'll just need more damage in place of the survivability. I don't know anything about Glass Cannon myself as I personally hate the build.

<More will be added about this location later>



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