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Act 1 Cathedral Hell Farming Guide

The Skeleton King

           The Cathedral in Act 1 is a great farming location for all difficulties because I feel it is an introduction into what you should be expecting for that difficulty. If you can't get far past act 1 falling back onto Cathedral is a great idea as you'll have tons of mobs to kill and a ton of chances at loot which could help you with those pesky later acts. The only real downside of farming Cathedral is it drops loot from your current difficulty as well as loot from the difficulty you just came from. Although, if you're level 60 and farming once you get full Nephalem Valor you will mostly just be getting loot from the high end of Cathedral's level range.

           To start a Cathedral farming run select the Reign of the Black King quest from Act 1. If you would like to get full Nephalem Valor before even entering the Cathedral choose the "A Shattered Crown" quest and clear each of the three tombs as you search for the crown.

           As far as farming Cathedral on Hell goes, chances are you probably won't need to do it but, if there is even one person out there that would benefit from a guide for it, you know I'm all over that! Now much like farming anything on any difficulty you will want to literally leave no stone unturned. Smash all them vases, barrels, flip the corpses, flip the loose stones and by well golly kill every single monster you come across! You will quickly notice in the Cathedral that most of the loot you're finding is kind of similar to the crap we were finding in Nightmare Act IV.

           Well you would be right as Cathedral very commonly drops loot equal to the act/difficulty previous to it as well as a mixture of some new stuff. I recommend you vendor most of the Magic items without even checking to see if they're any good. At this level the magic items just don't sell very well at all since so many people are finding amazing Rares towards the end of Hell and in early Inferno. However, every Rare you find make sure you check it to see if it's worth selling. I doubt it will be an upgrade but you might be able to nab 10k or more for it from someone struggling in Nightmare.

What's Worth Keeping to Sell on the AH?

Common Hell Cathedral Loot Table

Tome of JewelcraftingTome of Jewelcrafting

Tome of BlacksmithingTome of Blacksmithing


Magic RingHang onto all "Gold Find/Magic Find" Rings/Amulets you find

Hell Cathedral Trash Mob Loot (Estimates)

About 2 trips to the vendor, mostly Magic items

About 5 to 7 Rare items

Hell Cathedral Boss Loot (Skeleton King & Jondar)

Tome of JewelcraftingTome of Jewelcrafting

Tome of BlacksmithingTome of Blacksmithing

About 4 to 6 Magic Items (5 and 6 sometimes with Nephalem Valor)

About 2 Rares (4 to 5 with Nephalem Valor)



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