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Diablo 3 Hell Farming - Arreat Crater

           Arreat Crater is a great place to farm on Hell if you're a little bit undergeared for Inferno or just want something a bit easier than Inferno that still drops good loot (you sometimes get level 60 rares here). If you choose the very first quest in the Heart of Sin questline you will gain access to Arreat Crater and the Tower of the Cursed that follows. Farming through both of these locations and killing the two bosses is at least 100k for 20 or so minutes. With full Nephalem Valor (level 60 buff) the bosses drop on average two rares and five blues. This run consists of quite a few different dungeon levels and the well known Azmodan encounter.

           For farming here I recommend you swap out some of your gear for gear with Gold Find on it as it will dramatically increase the amount of gold you find here in a single run. With about 200% Gold Find on your gear you will be getting the same amount of gold you would get here on Inferno with 0 Gold Find. Just, of course, you'll be killing the mobs 400x faster as it is on Hell. Each floor you go through while farming here will give you about 20k to 25k gold and also a bunch of Magic and Rare items which you will mostly just be vendoring.

           This farming location is meant for players that are struggling with Inferno and looking for something easy to do to get some gold for gear. If you're not having much trouble with Inferno and are able to farm Act 1 with ease then this location is not recommended for you to farm. Unless of course you just want a change and to plow through the mobs here. Aside from the gold you'll be getting you will also want to hold onto the Tomes of Jewelcrafting and Tomes of Blacksmithing. Both of which will net you some extra gold through the Auction House.

           The mobs of Arreat Crater drop upwards of 1100g (with 200% gold find) sometimes and frequently drop blue and rare items that you can vendor, salvage or sell on the Auction House. Most of the gear you find here ranges in levels 44 - 59 but you can find some that is level 60. Although most of the level 60 gear that you find here sucks and doesn't sell well at all. The rares I get here that are any good at all I sell for 4500 or 7500 on the Auction House. It's rather cheap for good gear at those levels which is why I sell it for so little, only having 10 slots on the Auction House really sucks and you want to unload what you get for an amount that reflects the amount of space you have on the AH to sell the items.

           Also be sure to hold onto all the Square and Flawless Square Gems that you get from here. These gems will sell on the Auction House if you don't plan to use them for about a thousand gold a piece. While it may not sound like much, you're going to be finding a ton of gems so it adds up rather quickly. For an entire run through the Heart of Sin quest you should make upwards of 150 - 200k depending on how many goodies you get and how much you can sell them for.

What's Worth Keeping to Sell on the AH?

Common Loot

Square Gems

Flawless Square AmethystFlawless Square Amethyst

Flawless Square EmeraldFlawless Square Emerald

Flawless Square RubyFlawless Square Ruby

Flawless Square TopazFlawless Square Topaz

Tome of JewelcraftingTome of Jewelcrafting

Tome of BlacksmithingTome of Blacksmithing

Magic RingHang onto all "Gold Find/Magic Find" Rings/Amulets you find

Trash Mob Loot

About three trips back to town of a full Inventory of Magic Items

About 7 or 8 rares from just the Trash Mobs/Elite Packs

Boss Loot (Cydaea & Azmodan)

Tome of JewelcraftingTome of Jewelcrafting

Tome of BlacksmithingTome of Blacksmithing

About 6 Magic items each if you have full Nephalem Valor, which you should.

About 3 to 4 Rares each if you have full Nephalem Valor



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