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Items Worth Selling on the AH

           Experience plays a major role in Diablo when it comes down to figuring out what items will sell on the Auction House and what items that you should just vendor. Despite looking like they might be worth something sometimes, some items are just pure trash. Like a Witch Doctor's Ceremonial Knife with Strength on it or a Wizard offhand with Dexterity. Then there are some items that are just complete and total gold mines (like a chest piece with good core stats and 3 sockets).

           This page here will hopefully help you determine what's complete and utter crap and what is an easy couple hundred thousand gold on the Auction House. To get you started with the most basic of knowledge, pairs of the core stats for each class sell the best out of almost everything. What I mean by this is items high in (DEX/VIT), (STR/VIT) and (INT/VIT) will all sell better than an item say high in STR/DEX. These are some of the most important stats to pay attention to when it comes to saving Armor or items to sell on the Auction House.

           If you are looking at a weapon you will want to look for high + Damage and high DPS. A weapon with high + Damage and DPS will sell well at any level. If this weapon has useful stats on it well or other such effects like Life per hit or something of that quality it will sell even better. Sometimes weapons will sell for their high damage and DPS alone even if the stat bonuses on the weapon are absolutely terrible. When most players reach Inferno difficulty they want one of those nifty 2h weapons with over 1k DPS. Trust me, they don't care what the stats are on the weapon if it's cheaper than the rest with that much DPS!

           Along with the obvious items that will sell on the Auction House there are some items out there that you swear will sell but just don't or items you'll sit and stare at for an extended period of time just wondering if it's worth selling on the Auction House (damn 10 slot limit)! The point I am trying to get to here is that I am going to take a few pictures of items that seem like they might or might not sell and I will quickly explain to you what each stat/effect does to affect the price of the item.

Lets start with an item called Stalker's Trick, a Rare Mojo item.

An Item Worth 35 - 45k

Stalkers Trick

           For level 55 this item has decent damage on it as well as a good amount of Intelligence. The Dexterity is next to useless but the Vitality is decent as well. The thing that makes this item really shine though is the 12% extra gold from monsters and the 9% better chance of finding magical items. With the + Damage and Intelligence alone the item is worth maybe 10 - 12k but with the bonus gold and magic items the item is worth 35 - 40k.

An Item Worth Over 100k

Worthy Arch Axe of Blight

           This axe has some pretty terrible stats on it but it has some amazing DPS for a 1h for those just getting started with Inferno. If you think this axe is useless and won't sell for diddly squat you would be very wrong. It is one of those few items that's DPS and Damage make it worth 100k or more!

An Item Worth 500k

Thiefs Prize

           This is the final item I am going to show you because I feel that an item like this makes the last possible point I have. In order to spot an item like this without prior research in the markets or playing that character before and knowing its value is sometimes difficult. A lot of people may look at this and assume 30k is a good price for it or maybe 75k tops but this item can net upwards of 500k on the Auction House. The damage on the item is insanely high (up to 203) and the Intelligence on the item is also insanely high. That also doesn't include the high amount of Vitality AND the fact that the item has a socket. The Dexterity isn't a huge factor but does help the Witch Doctor's pets if they use them.



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