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Diablo 3 Auction House Guide

           The Diablo 3 Auction House comes in two parts, the Gold Auction House, where players can buy and sell items for gold. This is more of a normal Auction House seen in most of the games today. It has a few unique things though, like their Tradeskill items don't show up in the normal Auction House format. Instead it shows you the cheapest price for that item currently on the Auction House. You select how many you want to buy and then once you hit buy it buys all the amount up at that price. If there are only 20 up and you wanted 40 you get a refund.

           I actually like how this works as prices will always go up and down but once the dust settles there will be a "middle range" which will be the prices I use that will always sell. I will get more to all of this stuff later for now I would like to get into more about the Auction House's features. One of the worst features I have found on the Auction House is the fact that you can only have 10 items up at once. This will definitely impare the buying and reselling ability of players (although there is a Trade channel ingame).

           There is also a 15% transaction fee on all of the items sold on the Auction House. Nothing more than what we see in most other games. Now, as aforementioned there is also a Real Money Auction House. This works much like the Gold one does but in the sense that you can sell everything you would have been able to sell on the Gold Auction House on the Real Money one. There isn't much known about this feature as it has yet to be added. Blizzard says the Real Money Auction House will come in a couple of months.

           Before I get started with the long list of Diablo 3 Auction House guides I will be sure to make I would first like to take just one moment to state my background (so you know that your advice is reliable and not coming from some noob that thinks he knows what he is talking about). If you were with me for my WoW 10k an hour guide then you already know that I know what I am talking about when it comes to markets.

           I know things and can explain things in great detail such as figuring out exactly what markets are the most vulnerable, how to mess with the little addons people use to find the best deals, and probably most important how to predict/cause large price fluctuations in any market you would like. Now you might say, but Almar, those are all WoW guides. Yes indeed they are but all Auction Houses work the same as do all markets. Currently the market in Diablo 3 is too sporatic to predict and also it is down far too much for it to provide stable prices. I will need more time to make more Auction House guides/a better page for it, however, for now I can provide great tips for making the most of what we have!

Now, what you're all waiting for is some Auction House guides, right? Good! Let's get started with some Auction House Guides!

List of Diablo 3 Auction House Guides

What to sell on the AH

Buying and Reselling in D3

How to: Figuring out what is worth selling on the AH (Video Guide)

How to: Cheaply gear up at level 60 using the Auction House (Video Guide)

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           Those are all of the Auction House guides that I got for now. I will be adding more and updating the ones I have in the future when there is more to say about the Auction House. At this current point in time the Auction House plays a primary role in the game of Diablo 3, though. I am only saying this because I know a lot of people out there hate the Auction House and want an authentic Diablo experience... It's possible to go through all the difficulties without ever touching the Auction House (after all, someone had to do it to beat Inferno in the first place). However in my honest opinion ignoring the Auction House can only hurt you.

           As a final potion of this guide I would like to close this page with an endless list of tips for making money or for using the Auction House. I will constantly be coming back and adding new tips so it will be useful to always check back when you can.

List of Auction House Tips

- "Of Agony" gear sells well and can be found for cheap on the Auction House by someone whom doesn't know its worth.

- Hold onto weapons/items with high + damage. High dps and damage means the item does great dps and will be wanted.

- Not all Rares are worth selling on the Auction House. Remember this.

- Pages of Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Tomes of Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting are not worthless!! Sell yours on the Auction House if you don't want them!

- Believe it or not the gems in this game are worth a lot of money (10 - 20k each sometimes). Save all of your gems and convert them up into better ones at the Jeweler to make some really good money

- Another great trick to "learning" prices is watch items as they are put up onto the Auction House, once again with the "Time Left" box. As they go up and you just think that the item might be a deal but you are unsure... Stay on that page for awhile and click Search to keep refreshing it. Watch the item and see how fast it sells, if it sells extremely quick then you know that those stats on that type of item are a great deal. And now you know to buy the next one. If it doesn't sell fast it may not be as good of a deal as you thought.





If you find anything wrong with the guide on this page or if you just have a comment about it please feel free to leave it below!



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