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Diablo 3 Farming Guides

           As everyone who has played Diablo in the past knows farming items was a major part of the game. Once you maxed your character out you spent the entire time playing running and killing Diablo or Bael for some new phat lootz that was better than what you have. This page here will cover each of these farming locations as I discover them and as I hear about them. Expect to find the absolute fastest farming paths here as well as the best guides for farming items in Diablo 3.

           Also Diablo 3 is adding a new feature that I find to be extremely interesting, an Auction House. Now you may be like "An Auction House? *Yawn*, there is one of them in every game!" but this Auction House will be unqiue because you will be able to sell your ingame loot for real life money!! Of course you will have to spend some money to put it up (a deposit) and Blizzard will most likely get a cut; however, that doesn't change the fact that you can make real tangible money from playing Diablo 3.

           If you have been following Almar's Guides for awhile you know that I am good at figuring out economies and making a ton of ingame money through farming and buying and reselling. You better bet that figuring out the best ways to make some real life money through this game is going to be on the top of what I plan to do. And of course in Almar's Guides fashion I will be making guides for you as well to make real life money via playing Diablo 3!

Almar's Diablo 3 Auction House Guide

How To Predict, Control & Manipulate Markets In Video Games

           I can't think of a good segue so I will just begin talking again. One important thing you need to know before opening any of these farming guides is Diablo 3's loot table is completely random. That means it is almost impossible to give you a solid amount or type of items that you are going to be finding. I do my best to provide you with the average amount of items I got while farming each of the below locations but ultimatly you are going to find stuff completely different (literally) than what I found there.

           On a similar note, even though it is mentioned at the bottom of the page I feel it is extremely important to bring your attention to now. Be sure to hold onto all of the Page of BlacksmithingPage of Blacksmithing, Page of JewelcraftingPage of Jewelcrafting, Tome of BlacksmithingTome of Blacksmithing, Tome of JewelcraftingTome of Jewelcrafting and Tome of SecretsTome of Secrets items that you find. Each of these items play pivotal roles in crafting throughout the game and will always be worth money on the Auction House. Also feel free to vendor the gems you find in Nightmare but once you reach Hell hold onto all of the gems you find.

Diablo 3 Farming Guides

           This part of the guide will be broken down into 3 sections. Each of these sections will cover a different difficulty of the game and all of the best farming locations within that difficulty. Most of the good farming locations hold true and stay the same for the entire game but towards Hell and in Inferno it opens up and starts to include many more farming locations.

What is worth Vendoring and what is worth selling on the Auction House? How to tell.

What is a Pony Run? Farming in Whimsyshire

Farming for Leoric's Signet (Normal Difficulty)

Inferno Farming Guides

Diablo 3 Act 1 Patch 1.0.8 Farming Route (Long Version)

Diablo 3 Act 2 Patch 1.0.8 Farming Route (Long Version)

Crypt of the Ancients Farming Location (Mp 10)

Act 3 - Turning the Tides

Inferno Pony Run

Farming Tips

- Not every rare is worth money, remember that when you're farming! If you are having trouble figuring out what is worth selling on the AH and what is vendor trash check out my "How to determine what is worth selling on the AH" video guide!

- Keep all "Gold Find" gear once you reach level 60. People love buying Gold Find sets for farming easier content.

- Hold onto the "Of Agony" gear at lower levels. This sells for a lot, especially if it is a socketed Socketed RingRing or Socketed AmuletAmulet as people leveling alts love to buy those!

- In Nightmare difficulty be sure to pick up all Pages of Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting. Save them to sell if you do not plan on using them

- Once you reach Hell be sure to pick up all of the Tomes of Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting. Once again if you don't plan on using them be sure to sell them!

- Also while you are in Hell start saving every single gem you come across if you already haven't

- In Inferno you will definitely want to hold onto all of the Tomes of Secrets as they are the final additional material used in Crafting.


Out Dated Farming Guides

Nightmare Farming Guides

These farming guides are meant for level 60 players stacking Gold Find as that is really the only way these locations are worth farming.

Act 1 - Cathedral

Act 3 - Arreat Crater - Good for Pages

Nightmare Pony Run

Hell Farming Guides

These farming guides are meant for level 60 players stacking Gold Find as that is really the only way these locations are worth farming.

Act 1 - Cathedral

Act 3 - Arreat Crater - Good for Tomes

Hell Pony Run

Outdated Inferno Farming Guides

Act 1 - Skeleton King (Cathedral)

Act 1 - Jailor & The Butcher (Halls of Agony)

Act 1 - Resplendant Chest Farming

Act 2 - Maghda Farming (City of Blood)

Monster Power 10 Experience Farming

Act 3 - Arreat Crater



If you find anything wrong with the guide on this page or if you just have a comment about it please feel free to leave it below!



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