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Huttball (The Pit)

The Huttball

Warzone Medal Guide

About Huttball

           Huttball is one of the more unique Warzones currently available in Swtor. This Warzone is located on the stinky planet of Hutta and is run by two Hutts which occasionally shout throughout the game. Much like The Civil War Warzone and The Voidstar, anyone who is level 10 or above may participate in this Warzone. The main objective of Huttball is to grab ahold of the Huttball which spawns in the center of the map and take it to the Huttball Fire Trapenemies score zone. If you make it to the enemies score zone with the ball you will earn a point for your team. Since almost everyone will be focused on the ball carrier it is important that the most durable player on your team (a tank) runs the Huttball.

           Scattered all around this Warzone are many different traps, such as large vents that occasionally shoot fire up into the air or large acid pits which will eat away your health extremely fast. In addition to traps there are also large vents that can blow you up into the air if you step on them, but these vents are so buggy that it is almost pointless to count on them to help you at all. These air vents are located on the northern and southern side of the middle of the Warzone. In otherwords above and below where you can find the Huttball.

           The Pit is a small Warzone but appears to be fairly large since it consists of three or four different levels. For this reason, ranged classes will excel here since even if they fall off of an edge they are still able to do damage where as melee classes will have to find their way back up. Also, any class with a stun ability or a way to stop an enemy from moving can have a great deal of fun here if they time their ability correctly and stun an enemy right before a fire vent releases.

           Huttball is a Warzone that allows members of each faction to go against one another. Imperial players can face other Imperials in here and Republic players can face other Republic players in here. You aren't limited to facing only the opposing faction which adds an interesting twist to this Warzone and also makes it one of my favorites as you can "show off" to your own faction if you're good and got some nifty moves! There are two teams in Huttball, The Frog Dogs and The Rotworms. At the start you will be placed on a random team; each start on different sides of The Pit and both have the exact same advantages and disadvantages.

Huttball Map

Winning Huttball

           Huttball is all about teamwork. Working well with your team will win you the game. Failing to work well with your team and failing to assist the ball carrier or pass to other members on your team will result in you losing, it's that simple. There are also different things you can do to give yourself the edge when it comes to winning in Huttball; things like using your knockbacks when the enemy is trying to cross the catwalks before the score line. Or gripping the enemy and pulling him away from where he is trying to go.

           Grabbing another player works both ways; Shadows/Assassins can pull an enemy to them if they're a tank and Sages/Sorcerers can pull a friendly target to them and across the goal line allowing your team to score. Also this grip ability can be used to pull an enemy into the acid or to pull an enemy into the fire. If you position your character correctly you can even grip people into the fire or acid without taking any damage! Those are just a few tricks of Huttball, there are a few more out there, you'll start to learn them all with experience.

           The only other thing you need to know about winning in Huttball is passing. Passing will allow you to win games more than anything else. In fact I have seen games won in record time where the team is so organized they cap the ball within 20 seconds after picking it up by just passing. As with the other Warzones, teamwork and communication will win the game. It also helps too if your team has more knockbacks than the other team and knows how to use them ;D

Huttball Tips

- There is a speed power up in the lower pits

- Allow a tank or a player wearing Heavy Armor to carry the Huttball

- Avoid the Fire Traps and the Acid Pits

- If you have an ability that stuns or slows another player, use that on players standing over the Fire Trap before it ignites.

- Use your Knockbacks to knock enemies off of the walkways on their way to cap the ball. Also use your knockbacks to throw your enemies into the fire or acid!

- Pass the ball! If you see an ally in a better place than where you are standing throw the ball to him!

           If you are unfamiliar with how Warzones work... In the sense that this is your first ever MMORPG and you have never played other games like World of Warcraft, Warhammer, or any other game with instanced Battlegrounds that have capturable objectives, you will want to take a look at my Warzone Basics Guide.

Huttball Screenshots

Huttball Screenshot 1

Huttball Screenshot

Screenshot of Huttball

Huttball Game Start Screenshot

A picture of the Huttball

Huttball Videos

Almar's Video - Jedi Consular Huttball

Almar's Video - Jedi Consular Huttball

Almar's Videos - Jedi Knight Huttball





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