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Quick Travel and Taxi Terminals

           This may seem like a rather lackluster subject to create an entirely new page for but it is important for new players to always remember what I say here. Almost every city you come across in SWTOR will have two things which you need to find and right click to activate before doing anything else. These two things are the Quick Travel points and the Taxi Terminals. Both of these locations will have a unique icon above their terminals/persons, so you don't need to worry about looking too hard to find one. If you'd like an example of what you will be looking for with each new town, I went through the trouble of taking some pictures for you.

Undiscovered Taxi TerminalQuick Travel Terminal

           Once you discover a taxi flightpath you will always be able to fly back to there as long as you have a route that connects you to it. As for the Quick Travel/Bind Terminals, whatever you really want to call them once you activate one you will always be able to return to it (as long as you are on the same world I think). That's really all I can think of to say here about these two terminal location thingies. Once you get into the swing of things and you activate them at each town you go to and each new world you'll be golden. It's just important remembering that they exist at first.

           Also because I took another picture of an already active terminal and now have nothing to do with it... Here is the picture below!

Quick Travel Terminal











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