Dark Cloud Second Boss: Forest Keeper Master Utan

Master Utan

What I did for this boss fight is I primarily used Xiao, dodged his seeds/blocked when he spat at me. What you're actually supposed to do is alternate between Gordo and Xiao and whack his feet for booku damage however I really dislike Gordo and loathe using him so I cheesed the whole fight with Xiao. If you use Xiao like I did you can whittle down Master Utan's HP with ranged attacks easy peasy.

Honestly, this boss is 10x easier than the first one. You shouldn't have any trouble with this guy at all. If you do, just stick to Xiao and you'll kill him much slower but much more effectively.

What a strategy! Right? I know. There's tons more on google that say what you're actually supposed to do though, not my fault I cheesed it!













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