Dark Cloud Dark Genie Boss Strategy

Dark Genie

Well if you couldn't have already of guessed, this is the final boss of the game. Well, kind of. He's the final boss of the Japanese version of the game and where the story ends. After you fight him there is an optional dungeon in the American Release of the game called the Demon Shaft. At the bottom of that dungeon is the actual "final boss" of the game.

As far as this boss goes, if you have an upgraded weapon the Dark Genie is going to be an absolute and total joke. If you have an ultimate weapon you're going to almost three shot every phase. Since this is the final boss don't forget to use any Stamina Potions that you have as well! It'll make things even easier!

So, unimportant information about your upcoming battle aside, let's now focus on taking down the Dark Genie! To get started this guy has 3 different forms, the first two forms you'll be fighting the same Dark Genie you see in the above picture. The third and final form though you'll be fighting a whole different beast! It'll be easiest for me to break this fight into the three different phases he takes on and explain it that way. So, to get started let's take a look at phase 1!


Dark Genie Phase 1

The first phase for the Dark Genie is extremely easy. What he does is he shows you both of his hands and they have an eye on the backside of them. The color of this eye is the color of the attribute you must use to damage him. A red eye means you have to use fire, a blue eye means ice and you get the point. You have to deal about 2k damage or so to each hand in order to advance to the next phase.


Dark Genie Phase 2

For this phase the Dark Genie shoots a laser beam out of his eye that you must avoid or it will kill you in a single hit. During this phase he can not be hit with melee attacks so you must use Xiao, Osmond or Ruby. I highly recommend Xiao as she does great damage with each attack. You can only hit the Genie immediately before and immediately after he fires a laser at you. If you hit him before he won't even fire it and you can beat him that way.

Also during this phase he has a really annoying unavoidable wind knock down/damage. You can either bring a lot of food with you to heal through it or you can switch to less useful characters when you know it is coming and let them take hits to space out the damage. During this phase and the final phase I only used Xiao.


Dark Genie Phase 3

This is the final phase and honestly it wouldn't be that difficult if it weren't for the absolutely terrible targeting during this fight. I highly recommend once you manage to get the globe inside the bosses mouth targeted you try and not break that target for any reason at all. He has a laser beam that you must run from/avoid and also he summons two adds during the fight that you must kite around. I didn't find them killable despite other places online saying they were. Although if you shoot the adds and hurt them it will slow them down quite a bit.

On top of that he has one more attack which is where he stops the ground and fires a single set of 3 red shock waves at you, don't get hit by these or they'll break your precious target on the boss.




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