Norune Village 100% Layout

In Dark Cloud one of the coolest things you can do with the game is recreate towns. Ontop of talking to the villagers and finding out what you missed when creating their homes you can also talk to them and find out what they would like when you are recreating the town. Most of them want their house placed some place unique, by some cute girl they have a crush on or away from some loud neighbour who makes too much noise.

If you fulfill all their wishes you will get 100% completion of the village and usually that nets you a bonus of some kind. I highly recommend you do 100% each village if for no other reason than I honestly feel that's part of the game and just playing it in general.

This guide is split into two parts, the first part I am going to list all of the villagers and what request they have and the second part I am going to show you pictures of my towns and my layouts which have fulfilled 100% of the villagers requests. That way, incase you'd just like to copy what you see from me. To get started let's take a look at Norune Village and what the villagers requests are.

My House: Place my house so that it faces East. Renee wants the sunlight to shine in her window in the mornings

Old Hag's House: She wants to be placed in front of the windmill as she believes the blades give off magic

Macho's House: He wants to be placed near the Divine Beast Cave so he can fight and train more easily.

Laura's House: She wants to be placed away from the mayor

Paige's House: Place her house near the pond, Pike likes to fish.

Claude's House: Claude wants to be placed near Alnett because he likes the smell of her cooking

Alnet's House: She would like to be placed away from the Macho brothers, muscles weird her out.

Gaffer's Buggy: He wants to be placed around a lot of people

Now that we've got the requests out of the way, let's take a look at what my version of Norune Village looks like!

I know the picture appears small but you can click on it in order to make it larger. Also, it looks kinda crappy because I am most definitely no artist. That said, it definitely will show you what to build you town to look like if you'd like to get it to 100%. Excuse the patchy layout and just copy everything you see the best you can!

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