Dark Cloud Demon Shaft Guide

The Demon Shaft is the final dungeon of the American release of Dark Cloud. This dungeon consists of a whopping 100 floors and has a few unique elements about it that'll come as a surprise. One thing I found interesting is you can definitely tell a different team developed this dungeon. The large chests have different text and the over all feel of the dungeon is completely different than any dungeon before it.

If you haven't noticed, here are a few differences with the Demon Shaft.

- NO stupid elements in the dungeon that require you to switch your party members to bypass them. The dungeon is a nice fluid and well made dungeon.

- First 20 floors don't have any mimics

- It changes what types of mob every 20 floors.

- Gemron is a constant mob throughout the whole dungeon but he changes elemental types every 20 floors

- The back floor access item is Crystal Eye and the back floor area is "darkened" unlike any other back floor in the game. You'll see what I mean when you get there, it's like someone turned all the lights out.

It will take you quite awhile to traverse the Demon Shaft but that's kind of the fun part! You will get a crap ton of treasure from this dungeon so you'll be hitting up the vendor quite a bit. Also it's important to mention, if you don't have a fully evolved weapon at this point or one that's really close, this dungeon is going to be extremely difficult. Some mobs still put up a fight with my maxed out ultimate weapon!

My Demon Shaft Strategy

The first 20 floors are very melee friendly meaning you'll be able to kill most of the mobs with Toan. After that floors 20 - 40 are ranged friendly. Most mobs are annoying to kill with melee so I recommend Xiao. Floors 40 - 60 has a nice mixture of melee/ranged and I alternated between Toan and Xiao frequently. Floors 60-80 you have to alternate between melee and ranged quite a bit as well.

Also floors 60 - 80 have some unique mobs that haven't appeared anywhere in the game before. One of them is Silver Gear, a Skeletal Archer. This mob and others here start to get quite frustrating and the HP of the mobs really starts to increase on a floor by floor basis if you ask me. Another thing I noticed here is some floors felt like they were purposefully harder than others. What I mean is, it feels like the developers cherry picked certain mobs to spawn on those floors in unison with others to make them much more difficult.

Silver Gear

Floors 80 - 100 are a total pain in the rear. There is another new type of mob here I forget his name and I don't feel like going into the game but I shall call him the Undead Hulk since that's pretty much what he is. He blocks almost all ranged attacks and if you get up close he'll whack you. So what I did was I got close to him with Xiao and love tapped him then backed up shooting him the entire time.

Aside from this guy there is one other mob that is extremely annoying that is the Crescent Moon guy. He has really powerful melee attacks and ranged and he is pretty quick and smart enough to close the gap on you. They start throwing these guys at you with Pirate Chariots and the undead hulks. Some floors you'll encounter these guys in the hallways and it becomes a total pain in the rear when you do!

If you make it through all of the floors of the Demon Shaft you're definitely read to fight the end boss. Good luck!

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