How to get Ungaga and get past floor 9

Ungaga Door

As with all the previous dungeons and I am sure you've probably guessed it by now, you have to get a new ally in order to get past floor 9 in the Sun and Moon Temple. The name of the ally you're after is Ungaga whom is apparently the strongest Sand Warrior there is. He has really good reach with his two handed weapon and deals semi decent damage.

Overall he isn't too bad of a character. Also, Ungaga will be used to bypass all future black smoke doors. Honestly, the doors that require Ungaga are the best, no unique placement to activate them, no switching an element on the weapon, just press and hold X!

In order to acquire Ungaga one must collect enough pieces of the town to build the 3 sisters house and then enter the house to get the completion cutscene. It is in this scene you get a little bit of back story on Ungaga and after which he joins your party. You can now take him down to the 9th floor of the Sun & Moon Temple and use his attack to blow away the black smoke blocking your path.

Dark Cloud Ungaga


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