Golden Eye 007 Gameshark Codes

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Golden Eye 007. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!



Unlimited Health: 810C543C 3F80

One Shot Enemies: 810C543C 3C80

Unlimited Ammo (Right Gun): 800C5BFF 00FF

Quick Weapon Change (Right Gun): 800C5BF0 0011

Rapid Fire (Right Gun): 800C5BE9 0020

Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire (Right Gun): 800C5BF1 00FF

Continuous Fire (Right Gun): 800C5BDC 0001

Silver Hand/Gun (Right Hand/Gun): 800C5BB9 00F7

Can't Fire Weapon (Right Gun): 800C5BF5 0001

Unlimited Ammo (Left Gun): 800C5FA7 00FF

Quick Weapon Change (Left Gun): 800C5F98 0011

Rapid Fire (Left Gun): 800C5F91 0020

Quick Weapon Change & Rapid Fire (Left Gun): 800C5F99 00FF

Distortion Mode Vision: 800C5B50 0003

Shoot Through Most Stuff: 800C5F84 0001
Most things in the world are destroyable with this code.

Have All Weapons: 800C654C 0007

Sniper Rifle x2 Zoom: 800C63E4 003F
Press C + Up to zoom out.



Unlimited Armor
Hold down Z while using this code.

D0064F30 0020
810C5440 3F80


Unlimited Rounds for many different guns: 800C6496 0063
PP7, DD4, Klobb, ZMG 9mm, D5K Deutsche, Phantom, RC-P90, Silver PP7 and Golden PP7.

Unlimited Rounds for KF7 Soviet, AR 33 & Sniper Rifle: 800C649F 0063

Unlimited Shotgun Shells: 800C64A3 0063

Unlimited Grenades: 800C64A7 0063

Unlimited Rocket Launcher: 800C64AB 0063

Unlimited Remote Mines: 800C64AF 0063

Unlimited Proximity Mines: 800C64B3 0063

Unlimited Timed Mines: 800C64B7 0063

Unlimited Throwing Knife Ammo: 800C64BB 0063

Unlimited Grenade Launcher Ammo: 800C64BF 0063

Unlimited Cougar Magnum Ammo: 800C64C3 0063

Unlimited Golden Gun Ammo: 800C64C7 0063

Unlimited Watch Laser Ammo: 800C64F3 0063

Unlimited Tank Shells Ammo: 800C6503 0063









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