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Cobalt Scar - Velious Leveling Guide

Cobalt Scar Map

Cobalt Scar is a great Velious zone for any smaller groups or boxers, especially those who primarily kite. Around the area you enter Cobalt Scar from (southeast corner where it says Dragon Circle) you'll find dozens of wyverns and drakes to kill all of which are around levels 37 - 42.

You can basically pull as many wyverns and drakes as you'd like without worrying about adds. Maybe an occasionally 2 pull but never what you'd find in dungeons of this level. Additionally there aren't just wyverns and drakes to kill in this zone, if you go a bit further north to the Cobalt Scar beaches you'll find Othmirs which are level 42 - 46.

The Othmirs, much unlike the wyverns and drakes, can very rarely be pulled solo and you should often expect even the whole othmir camp in some instances while pulling. The Othmirs have basically the same loot tables as the Wyverns and Drakes with the main exception being they drop Othmir Fur which is used in Tailoring to craft some medicore gear for the time. Great for skill ups though!


Additional Zone Information

Pickzone Threshold: 30 Players

- There is a raid boss that swims in the ocean of this zone, Kelorek`Dar.

- Druids and Wizards can port to this zone

- Many different Tailoring Tradeskill Materials are farmed in this zone. Arctic Wyvern Hides, Cobalt Drake Hides, Othmir Fur are all used in Tailoring and only drop here.

Cobalt Scar Allakhazam Zone Information

Cobalt Scar P99 Zone Information