East Karana Farming Guide

East Karana is a great spot for many people to farm in Classic EQ. Here you will find Snakes, Lions, Wolves, Griffons, Spiders and an Occasional Hill Giant, Gnoll or Evil Eye. The Griffons, Hill Giants and Evil Eyes I usually kill the second I see them mainly for the fact that they drop straight up money and you don't have to bother trying to sell anything they drop in The Commonlands (Unless you want to sell the Fine Steel Weapons to players to the Bunch of Optic Nerves). The main things you will be farming for here though are Spider Silk, Snake Eggs, Lion Meat, High Quality Cat Pelts and Wolf Meat. Each of these can be sold in the commons for some pp to people that are looking to raise their tradeskills.

Spider Silk will be in demand by tailors looking to raise their skill as well as craft a set of Wu's fighting armor. Snake Eggs are used in dozens of different baking recipes required to level the tradeskill such as a loaf of bread to raise it all the way up to 100, noodles at 191, Halas 10lb Meat Pies at 230-some and I am sure a few others that people are wanting to use to raise their tradeskills. Lion Meat is one very important and annoying ingrediant in creating Halas 10lb Meat Pies, which are one of the key recipes used in raising cooking. (For the people that I have to spell that part out for, they will sell well, very well. Just have to find the right person).

Hill Giants spawn in the blue area, the lower level stuff spawns in the green. Note that this isn't always true but it is 75% of the time.

And last but not least, Wolf Meat. Wolf Meat is also another ingrediant used in making Halas 10lb Meat Pies. The main difference with this though is unlike the Lion Meat, when Filleting it, you get 10 Fillets out of 1 meat. Lion Meat you get a single one. This means that Wolf Meat will not sell for nearly as much as Lion Meat but you should still be able to turn a profit on it.

While you're in this zone keep an eye out at each of the vendors for anyone that may vendor the loot that I have told you to gather and sell in the commonlands. While I was leveling my Baking I went through the vendors once a day and scooped up all the Meats and Eggs and it worked out quite well for me. The mobs here are levels 10-17 so anyone 20+ should have a pretty easy time farming here. Just steer clear of anything you think you can't handle... And maybe even stay clear of the evil eyes since they charm and, well, that is just not cool.


Items of Interest in East Karana:

Spider Silk

Snake Egg

Wolf & Lion Meat

High Quality Cat Pelts

Griffon Feathers

Tea Leaves (If you can Forage)