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Rift Getting Started Guides

           Rift is an MMORPG created by the company Trion. Rift's main selling point is world events that take place constantly throughout the entire world of Telara, Rifts. These events can be participated in by any amount of players at any level. These events are quite fun and often reward the player with decent enough loot to keep you interested. Rifts of course aren't the only thing for players to do in Rift. You can also PvP in Warfronts and PvE in dungeons as well as quest and participate in other fun content such as grinding for achievements or farming some tradeskill materials!

           Ultimately Rift is like every other mmorpg out there. It does not have any major unique selling points besides the Soul system which ironically is the major downfall of the game, next to it's horrid playerbase. However, taking the playerbase out of the picture Rift is a very playable, fun and enjoyable game. I particularly had a great time while playing the game. Anyway, getting started with Rift is rather easy to do. Since most of the game follows the typical mmorpg layout most things are easy to grasp.

           The Soul system will be the most difficult thing to understand and really only experience will provide you with the knowledge you need there. Starting at level 10 Rift offers players a load of different group content players can participate in for experience and other rewards. The first thing and best thing to do while leveling is Instant Adventures. Instant Adventures, better known as IAs are the best experience in the game. They take place in a few different zones throughout the world and are loads of fun.

           The second best way to level is by running Dungeons. Dungeons are PvE instances where you and a group go through completing quests and killing bosses. The final thing you are able to do (besides questing of course) is participating in PvP Warfronts. Warfronts are what Rift calls Battlegrounds or Warzones, whatever term you are familiar with for instanced PvP.

           Although the player base is often immature and difficult to deal with a lot of them say there are many friendly raiding guilds out there and enjoyable endgame content. So if you are just looking for a quick month of fun or a long term enjoyment from a game, Rift could fufill your desires either way!

General Rift Guides

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Rift PvP Guides

Rift PvE Guides

           That sums up all of the general Rift guides out there. These are just the basic guides that will provide you with the core elements of Rift. Things such as PvP and how it works, PvE and how it works and leveling. In this section of guides below you'll find any other guide for Rift that I strongly recommend you read but doesn't fit into the super important awesome category which is above.

Miscellaneous Rift Guides

Rift Useful Links

How Rifts Work

How to make a ton of Plat at level 30

And that just about sums it up for my Rift getting started guides! I hope you guys enjoyed my guides and I hope you enjoy Rift! Remeber to keep Almar's Guides in mind for all of your future gaming needs!





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