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Marus Seru Leveling Guide

           Once you're in Marus Seru head west out of the building and into the hills. I recommend you hang around on these hills and don't venture too far in. This will guarantee you don't get over whelmed. Kill Stonegrabber's and Rockhoppers, for the time being. Keep in mind as well that they will agro you if you're fighting one of their own kind. And they have a HUGE agro radius.

Items of Interest

Crystallized Sulfur

Words of

Rune of


Iron Oxide

Golden Earring

Greyhopper Hide

Rockhopper Egg

Defiant Gear

           Hang out in this zone and kill the Greyhoppers and Stonegrabbers until you reach level 27. Once you're 27 It's time to head to The Overthere. To get to the Overthere you'll want to first get to Plane of Knowledge. In Plane of Knowledge there is an "Evil" side, you can find the Overthere stone there.

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